Grievance Procedures

Students are able to pursue grievances through the following methods.

For complaints about faculty or staff regarding accommodation requests

If you have concerns about the way faculty or staff have responded to your accommodation requests, please contact the Disability Resource Center at 501-916-3143. A DRC staff member can meet with you to work on an approach, and may involve the faculty or staff member. If the issue is still not resolved, the student may schedule a meeting with the administrator at the next level up. The order would be the Department Chair, the Dean, the Provost, and the Chancellor.

For complaints of discrimination from faculty or staff

You may contact:

Karen Baker, Employee Relations Manager/ADA Coordinator
Department of Human Resources
Phone: 501-916-3180

For questions regarding university policy and procedures regarding federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to persons with disabilities, you may contact:

LaTonda Williams, Associate Vice Chancellor
Department of Human Resources
Phone: 501-916-3180

You may also review the university grievance procedures for complaints of discrimination.

For complaints about DRC staff

The order in which to address your concerns is:

  1. The staff person about whom you are dissatisfied
  2. DRC director (501-916-3143)
  3. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Wellness and Inclusion (501-916-5523)

For non-academic issues for units other than the DRC

The order in which to address your concerns is:

  1. The director of the particular program
  2. That person’s supervisor.

Inquire about the chain of command, as it will vary across campus.

The UA Little Rock Student Handbook provides additional information on grievance procedures and appeals. These grievance procedures provide you with a means of due process for dealing with concerns whether they are related to your disability or not.