ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp

This year’s EMBHSSC will be held on July 9, 2017 to July 21, 2017. We are looking for Junior Camp Counselors. Below you will find the application and the requirements. In addition to the application we need the most recent grades/report card for the student submitted by May 19th.

Junior Camp Counselor Background Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 13 years of age (by May 19th, 2017).
  • Former camper in summer of 2015 or 2016.
  • Possesses good leadership abilities and responsibility skills.
  • Demonstrates appropriate behavior at all times.
  • Is patient, enthusiastic, self-controlled and dependable.
  • Has ability to work with others and follow directions.


Students will be housed in a residence hall on the university’s campus.