Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Colloquium Series

Fall 2023 Schedule

1:00 pm Central Time, EIT Building Room 217
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 Date Dept Name of the Speaker Title of the Talk Host
8/25 CSTEM John Talburt For our opening session, Dr. John Talburt will be reviewing seminar requirements and answering students’ questions about the CIS Doctoral Program key milestones for completion. The recording is available at Talburt
9/1 IFSC Ahmed Abu Halimeh Dr. Ahmed Halimeh will be introducing students to health informatics. Health informatics has become a central focus for many academic medical centers and universities as Health informatics increasingly rely on the processing, analysis, and interpretation of large volumes of data, information, and knowledge. Health informatics is uniquely positioned to provide the skillset and the technology for processing, managing, retrieving, analyzing, and interpreting big data from both the basic and clinical sciences. The demand and the potential impact will remain high for the foreseeable future as research and healthcare become increasingly dependent on data and the synthesis and interpretation of information and knowledge. The recording is available at Pierce
9/8 BINF David Ussery Dr. David Ussery (UAMS) will talk to students about Genomic Epidemiology in Arkansas and how bio data science is helping researchers to use viral and bacterial genome sequences to identify and track pathogens in Arkansas. The recording is available at Talburt
9/15 IFSC Liz Pierce Dr. Liz Pierce will be talking to students about the dissertation process starting with how to find an topic, how to find a research mentor, how to form a research proposal, and tips on building your research network. The recording is available at Pierce
9/22 IFSC Ronald Freeze Dr. Ronald Freeze, Professor and Director, Director for Enterprise Systems at University of Arkansas, will talk to students about publishing. The recording is available at Pierce
9/29 BINF Jonathan Stubblefield Dr. Jonathan Stubblefield, Assistant Director, Center for No-Boundary Thinking at ASU will discuss how computer vision AIs can be applied to problems in biology, with an introduction to modern computer vision techniques and some concrete examples from his own research in the field of medicine. Pierce
10/6 INFQ Diane Schmidt Dr. Diane Schmidt will be talking to students about action research opportunities relating to Enterprise Data Management, Governance, and Chief Data Office implementation. Pierce
10/13 CHEM Carl Malings Dr. Carl Malings of Morgan State University will present his research on the use of satellites and models for air quality and how these can be combined with surface-based measurements. Poor air quality is a major global public health concern, which is only projected to get worse in coming years. A comprehensive understanding of current and potential future air quality and its key drivers spanning from local to global scales is needed to tackle this important problem. This presentation will outline the sources of information that we use to understand air quality, including ground-based measurements, satellites, and models. After giving an overview of these data sources and outlining their strengths and limitations, we will take a look at how they can be used together to give us a better picture of air quality locally and globally. Belford
10/20 BINF Michael Robeson Dr. Michael Robeson with the UAMS Department of Biomedical Informatics will be talking about his Microbiome Research. Pierce
10/27 CHEM Naomi Zimmerman Dr. Naomi Zimmerman, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia will be talking about her research in AI/ML and Air Quality sensor data. Belford
11/3 CPSC Arya Basu Dr. Aryabrata Basu is a Virtual Reality/Human-Computer Interaction researcher investigating human spatial decision-making in virtual environments and its impact on translational training and skill-building. He will be talking to students about his work creating experiential simulations of places that do not exist or hyper-realistic spaces to understand human behavior in simulated space-time. Baker
11/10 IFSC Daniel Conway Dr. Daniel Conway is Teaching Professor and Associate Director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence at the University of Arkansas. He is involved in all Blockchain Center activities including multi-party computation, Zero-Knowledge information systems, and even Authorization over Monero, which can be used to open a garage door even, as well as many of the analytics courses at the University of Arkansas. Pierce
11/17 INFQ Malcolm Hawker Malcolm Hawker of Profisee will be discussing the The Problems with Data Literacy’. He will explore the idea that Data Literacy, (as well as a few other well-established priorities for CDOs) may have a negative impact on the culture of data and analytics teams by creating a toxic working environment between creators and consumers of data. Talburt
11/24 No Seminar Thanksgiving/Fall Break
12/1 CSEC Md Sharif Ullah Dr. Ullah, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UCA will be talking to students about his cybersecurity research at UCA. Pierce

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