Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Colloquium Series

Spring 2024 Schedule

1:00 pm Central Time, EIT Building Room 217
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Date Dept Name of the Speaker Title of the Talk Host
1/19 CSTEM Dr. John Talburt For our opening session, Dr. John Talburt will be reviewing seminar requirements and answering students’ questions about the CIS Doctoral Program key milestones for completion. Recording Talburt
1/26 IFSC Dr. Kristin Mann Dr. Kristin Mann with the UALR History Department will be talking about her experiences with ChatGPT including its impact on the classroom and how researchers can make ethical use of this tool. Recording Pierce
2/2 IFSC Mr. Dale Rutherford Dale Rutherford, PhD Student in the CIS Information Science Track, will talk with his fellow students on his research on security issues in digital business cards. His research mentor is Dr. Ningning Wu. Recording Pierce
2/9 CPSC Dr. Tho Le Dr. Tho Le is going to introduce a specific problem in Natural Language Processing (NLP) which is automatic key phrase extraction. Dr. Le will show the essentiality of key phrase extraction in applications such as Information Retrieval, document indexing, or document summarization. Baker
2/16 SYEN Dr. Shweta Dabetwar Dr. Shweta Dabetwar recently joined the University of Arkansas at Little Rock as a new assistant professor of mechanical engineering. Her current research projects include using AI and thermal imaging to detect faults in wind turbine blades; large-scale structure condition monitoring using drones; and predicting the life of lithium-ion batteries using advanced deep learning methods. Pierce
2/23 BINF Dr. Se-ran Jun Dr. Jun, Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics at UAMS will be discussing her research projects. Pierce
3/1 CPSC Dr. Mariofanna Milanova From Data to Art: Unveiling the World of AI-Driven Image Generation. The presentation covers various Generative AI frameworks including DALL E 3 ( text to image generation). Every participant will receive a complimentary code to test the models. Pierce
3/8 IFSC Ms. Geneva Galloway Ms. Geneva Galloway, UALR Communications Skills Center Assistant Director, will talk about interviewing and other important communication skills useful to graduate students. Pierce
3/15 BINF Mr. Brian Delavan Brian Delavan, PhD Candidate in the Joint UALR/UAMS Graduate Program in Bioinformatics will present his research projects with the Arkansas Department of Health Pierce
3/22 CPSC/IFSC/SYEN No Speaker No seminar this week due to Spring Break Open
3/29 IFSC Dr. Tugrul Polat Dr.Tugrul Polat, Director of UALR International Student Services, will talk about on- and off-campus employment-related benefits (e.g., CPT, pre-completion OPT, post-completion OPT, STEM OPT, CAP GAP, Academic Training, severe economic hardship, etc.) available to international students under the F1 and J1 immigration statutes. This is useful information to all students (international or those students/faculty who work with individuals from other countries). Pierce
4/5 CHEM Dr. Jerome Darsey Dr. Darsey, UALR Professor of Chemistry, will talk about his team’s research in the area of Artificial Intelligence and its applications to Agriculture Science. Pierce
4/12 IFSC Dr. Nathan Reyna Dr. Nathan Reyna, Professor of Biology at OBU will be talking about his nationally recognized work in developing Course Based Undergraduate Research Experiences. Pierce
4/19 IFSC Dr. Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm Dr. Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm, Professor in UALR School of Public Affairs, will give an overview of his research along with examples of specific projects and research questions of interest to students. Pierce

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