Robert Steinbuch

Presenting Inefficiencies and Influences

Anyone who has researched heart attacks may have come across Robert Steinbuch’s research, which has been featured on WebMD, as well as the American Journal of Cardiology and Journal of the National Medical Association.

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“Professor Steinbuch’s significant research in this area has focused on the inefficiencies in emergency healthcare related to heart attacks resulting from or augmented by a poorly structured legal regime,” said local lawyer Dan Greenberg.

Known as an exceptional communicator and gifted writer, Steinbuch has authored a legal approach for resolving the current crisis in organ transplantation, “Kidneys, Cash, and Kashrut,” a top download in the Social Science Research Network.

His article, “Mere Thieves,” – republished from the Maryland Law Review into the Securities Law Review as one of the best securities law review articles for the year – addresses a new problem of insider trading law and presents a jurisprudential solution. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals adopted some of his reasoning in a recent case.

“Professor Steinbuch’s writings reveal a complex and sophisticated mind at work,” said U.S. Circuit Judge for the Eighth Circuit Morris S. Arnold. The judge also praised his article entitled, “An Empirical Analysis of the Influence of Political Party Affiliation,” on the correlation between the political party of district judges and their reversal rates in the Eighth Circuit.

“Since 2007, Professor Steinbuch’s work has been published more than 30 times in outstanding journals,” said colleague Sarah Howard Jenkins-Hobbs. “This is an extraordinary accomplishment.”

Steinbuch came to UA Little Rock  in 2005. He earned a B.A. degree in political science in 1989 and an M.A. degree in political theory from the University of Pennsylvania in the same year. He earned a juris doctor from the Columbia University School of Law in 1992.