The UA Little Rock Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching recognizes, encourages, and rewards superior teachers – individuals whose command of their respective disciplines, teaching methodologies, communications skills, concern for student performance, and commitment to the learning process exemplify the teacher-mentor model.

The award is not intended to be a popularity contest. It is designed to distinguish those teachers who maintain high expectations of their students and who ensure academic rigor in their courses.

College-Level Winners

  • Dr. Jin Wook Lee
    Dr. Jin Wook Lee is an assistant professor in systems engineering. He has been a member of the faculty at UA Little Rock since…  
  • Professor Cheryl Johnston
    Cheryl Johnston has been a UA Little Rock faculty member since 1992. She is a senior instructor in the Department of Applied Communication. She…  
  • Naoki Hakutani
    Dr. Naoki Hakutani
    Dr. Naoki Hakutani is an associate professor in the Department of Music. He is known for his personal but rigorous style of teaching.
  • Lindsey Gustafson
    Professor Lindsey Gustafson
    Lindsey Gustafson has been a professor of law at the UA Little Rock Bowen School of Law for 20 years. Her teaching techniques help…  
  • Dr. Jeffrey K. Carmack
    Dr. Jeffrey K. Carmack is an associate professor of Nursing and Simulation Director in the Department of Nursing at UA Little Rock. He is…  
  • Ahmad Naeem Bajwa
    Dr. Ahmad Naeem Bajwa
    Dr. Ahmad Naeem Bajwa is an assistant professor in the Department of Management. He brings this unique perspective and experience into classroom instruction by…