Robert “Bob” Lytle

College of Business, Health, and Human Services

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology and Graduate Coordinator for the School of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Bob LytleDr. Robert “Bob” Lytle is an associate professor of criminal justice and criminology, as well as the graduate coordinator for the school of criminal justice and criminology. Lytle has been praised by students and colleagues for his dedication to students and his passion in the classroom.

There are several examples of Lytle’s excellence in teaching. One of those in particular can be found in his instruction of doctoral level statistics courses in the criminal justice and criminology Ph.D. program. Students often find these courses to be daunting and difficult, but students and colleagues alike have praised Lytle for his ability to teach these courses and teach them well. One student in particular said Lytle transformed a terrifying advanced statistics course into one that was manageable and even enjoyable. Fellow colleagues and students also highlight the labeled binders he creates for each of his statistics students. These binders include everything from the syllabus and extra credit assignments to 125 pages of content written by Lytle concerning material used in the statistics classes and even a statistics refresher. The binder can be used in both upper level criminal justice and criminology statistics courses, and the binders are built in such a way that they can be reorganized and added to as the student sees fit.

Lytle has also served in several different roles in his seven years at UA Little Rock. In addition to being an associate professor, he is also the graduate coordinator for his school and has also served as the school assessment coordinator for over five years. Lytle has chaired thesis committees for five students and served as reader on six additional thesis projects while at UA Little Rock. And, is currently serving as chair on six dissertation committees and as a reader on 14 additional dissertations.Since 2016, Lytle has published 14 peer reviewed articles, with four of these articles being written in conjunction with students. This shows his dedication in teaching, but also mentoring students in their own research. To culminate, Lytle is currently the co-principal investigator on four external grants and contracts totaling over $1,000,000 dollars. This provides undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to actively engage in research projects that would not be available without Lytle’s dedication to teaching and student success through classroom instruction and research outside the classroom.

Lytle received a Ph.D. in criminology and criminal justice from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, a M.A. in psychology from Radford University, and B.S. in psychology from James Madison University.

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