Faculty Senate, Councils, and Committees Policies

Policies of the Faculty Senate and its Councils and Committees
Policy on Policies
1000: Policies Related to the UALR Constitution (see the page for the Faculty Governance Committee for the Change Log associated with the UALR Constitution)
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log Date of Change
 Implementation of the constitutional approval process.  TBD
 Operating Procedures for new Colleges Legislation 1/24/2014
2000: Operating Procedures of Councils and Committees
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log Date of Change
 Council on Core Curriculum and Policies Legislation 5/3/2013
 Undergraduate Council  TBD
 Graduate Council  TBD
 Faculty Appeals Council  TBD
 Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee Minutes  3/30/2012
3000: Policies Related to Admission Requirements
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log Date of Change
Admission Requirements Legislation 8/30/2013
4000: Policies Related to Curriculum and Courses
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log Date of Change
 Disability Support Statement  Minutes  9/23/2011
 General Education Requirements Legislation 2/15/2013
 120 Hour Minimax  Minutes  1/27/2012
 Transflex  MinutesMinutes (pilot)  5/4/201211/30/2007
First Year Colloquium  MinutesMinutesMinutes  9/17/201012/4/20094/18/2008
Department Authority to Modify Requirements for Transfer Students  Minutes  1/28/2011
2 for 1 substitution  Minutes (tabled)  11/14/2008
 Military Credit on Transfer  Minutes  12/5/2008
 Transfer of Core  Minutes  12/5/2008
 Midterm Grades  Minutes 4/18/2008
 Graduate Transfer of Credit  Minutes 4/18/2008
5000: Policies Related to Degrees and Requirements for Degrees
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log Date of Change
 Degree and Graduation Requirements Legislation 2/15/2013
 Baccalaureate Degree Requirements (superseded)  Minutes  3/30/2012
 Baccalaureate Degree Requirements  Legislation 3/15/2013
 Graduation Requirements  Minutes  4/18/2008
6000: Policies Related to Calendars and Schedules
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log Date of Change
 AY2014-15 Calendar (superseded by later legislation)  11/18/2011 Minutes
 Drop Date  3/30/2012  Minutes
 AY2015-16 and AY 2013-14 Calendar (superseded by later legislation)  4/30/2012 Minutes
 AY2014-15 Calendar  Minutes  5/6/2011
 Late Registration/Schedule Adjustment  Minutes  10/17/2008 (tabled)
 Final Exam Templates  Minutes  12/5/2008
7000: Policies Related to Awards, Honors, and Honorary Degrees
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log Date of Change
 Faculty Excellence Awards  Minutes  9/21/2007
8000: Miscellaneous Policies
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log Date of Change
 Pilot Project Extension (attachment missing)  Minutes  11/19/2010
 Promotion and Tenure Minutes
 Academic Probation Programming Minutes 5/6/2011
 Generic Dept. Gov. Doc.  Minutes  5/6/2011
 Academic Working Hours (can’t tell what passed and whether it is leg or res)  Minutes  5/6/2011
 Academic Dishonesty    MinutesMinutes   3/12/20104/16/2010
 Grade Appeals Minutes  5/7/2010
 Non-degree seeking student classification  Minutes  12/5/2008
 Acts 105, 106, 277 Minutes 9/21/2007
 Course Materials Minutes 11/30/2007
 Limit on Offering Special Topics Courses Minutes 4/18/2008