Minor in Gender Studies

The Gender Studies program is an 18-hour interdisciplinary minor. This means that it includes not only courses listed with the GNST code, but also relevant courses in departments and programs across the university.

Each semester, additional courses may be offered that qualify to count for the Gender Studies minor. Permission to do an Internship in Gender Studies or to take a course beyond what is listed on this website is given by the gender studies coordinator.

To complete the Gender Studies minor, or a concentration in Gender Studies as part of an Interdisciplinary degree, you will:

  • first complete GNST2300, Introduction to Gender Studies,
  • then complete 12 hours of approved upper-level electives
  • In your final semester, you must complete a Gender Studies capstone course.

Gender Studies Capstone

Ideally, you should take the Gender Studies capstone during the final semester before your graduation. You must get prior approval from the Gender Studies Coordinator in order to take the Gender Studies Capstone course. 

The Gender Studies capstone varies from semester to semester. Capstone-approved courses are senior level, usually seminar style, elective courses in gender studies that you will convert into a capstone by working with the Gender Studies Coordinator and the course instructor to create a capstone contract. You will complete a final project that demonstrates that you meet the learning objectives of the minor. Details of what you need to do will be stipulated in the contract.

The capstone course offerings for upcoming semester(s) will be announced during the advising period for that term.

For more information, please contact the Gender Studies coordinator, Dr. Laura Barrio, at Lxbarrio@ualr.edu.

Minor Curriculum