Gender Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Gender Studies is designed to help students understand and define the changing roles of women and men brought about by social, economic, political, legal, and other changes in society and the interrelationships among gender, class, and race. The program is particularly recommended to students who plan to pursue graduate studies in the social sciences, humanities, law, business, or social services, and those whose career choices involve working with women, children, the elderly, and socially disadvantaged populations.

The Gender Studies minor requires 18 hours, including GNST 2300, Introduction to Gender Studies. For more about gender studies courses, click here.

Please contact the Gender Studies coordinator, Dr. Krista Lewis (, for more information.

Spring 2019 Courses

Intro to Gender Studies  GNST 2300-991  CRN: 14997  ONLINE  An introductory course that examines gender roles, politics, family and religion.

Women in a Changing Society  GNST 3333-990/991  CRN: 11349/14726  ONLINE  An analysis of women’s roles and the changes in contemporary US and other societies.

Women in Literature  GNST 3340-01   CRN: 15291 MW 1:40-2:55    Literature by and about women with a focus on the 19th and 20th century.

Family Violence  GNST 3350-01  CRN: 14044   MWF 11:00-11:50  An examination of abuse, neglect, and conflict within the family.  Focus on children and spouses.

Women in American History  GNST 4372-01   Women in American History   CRN: 15290  TR 9:25-10:40  A look into problems American women faced throughout modern history.