Gender Studies

At UA Little Rock we offer a minor in Gender Studies, or Gender Studies courses can be a part of a degree plan for students seeking an Interdisciplinary Studies BA. Gender Studies courses are also great choices for general electives outside of your major and/or minor.

The interdisciplinary minor in Gender Studies is designed to help students understand gender roles and how they are impacted by the challenges and opportunities brought about by social, economic, political, legal, and other changes in society.  Our courses also explore the interrelationships among gender, class, and race.  The program is particularly recommended to students who plan to pursue career choices involving working with women, children, the elderly, LGBTQ, and socially disadvantaged populations.  Gender Studies courses are good foundations for graduate studies in the social sciences, humanities, law, business, or social services.

To complete the Gender Studies minor, or a concentration in Gender Studies as part of an Interdisciplinary degree, first complete GNST2300, Introduction to Gender Studies, then complete five (15 hours) of approved upper level electives, one of which must be designated as the Gender Studies capstone course.  Ideally, you should take the Gender Studies capstone during the final semester before your graduation.  You should touch base with the Gender Studies coordinator each semester during the advising period to make sure you are on track with the program.

Please contact the Gender Studies coordinator, Dr. Krista Lewis (, for more information.

Upcoming courses:

Summer 2019 Courses

ST: Space Place Gender & Sexuality GEOG 4300-991 CRN 31383 ONLINE Summer First 5 weeks: more information

Women in a Changing Society  SOCI or GNST 3333 ONLINE  Summer Second 5 weeks:  An analysis of women’s roles and the changes in contemporary US and other societies.

Fall 2019 Courses


Family Sociology   GNST 3346-991 CRN: 60722 ONLINE  The family as a major unifying a force for the individual, the community, and the total society.

Family Violence  GNST 3350-01  CRN: 61231 MWF 9:00-9:50  An examination of abuse, neglect, and conflict within the family.  Focus on children and spouses.

Gender Communication ACOM 3315-982, CRN: 64544 ONLINE An examination of gender constructs as they influence verbal and nonverbal interaction.

Intro to Gender Studies  GNST 2300 , CRN: 63554 ONLINE An introductory course that examines gender roles, politics, family and religion.

Psychology of Women PSYC 3366 – 9B1  CRN: 65610 BENTON  The study of the psychology of women, emphasizing the different views of women in our society, the bases of these views, and their implications for men and women.

SM: Bradstreet, Wheatley, Dickinson ENGL 4370-02 CRN: 65007 TR 10:50am-12:05pm  This course will study the poetry of three of America’s most important women writers. It will discuss the development of American poetry over three centuries from the 17th to the 19th century.

ST: Queer Theory  PHIL 4380/5380 CRN: 60352/61612  MW 1:40-2:55  An exploration of texts in the interdisciplinary field of queer studies, focused on issues of representation. 

Women in a Changing Society  GNST or SOCI 3333 ONLINE  An analysis of women’s roles and the changes in contemporary US and other societies.

Black Protest Literature ENGL 4350-01, CRN: 61084, MW 3:05pm-4:20pm (SUA 102-C), Instructor: Dr. Barrio ( In this seminar, we will explore major themes found in protest literature written by Black authors: systemic racism, poverty, sexual violence, nationalism, genocide, etc. The course readings include a variety of representative authors, genres, and styles, such as Richard Wright’s Native Son, James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time, Alice Walker’s Possessing the Secret of Joy, and Anna Deavere Smith’s Notes from the Field, among others.