Gender Studies

At UA Little Rock we offer a minor in Gender Studies, or Gender Studies courses can be a part of a degree plan for students seeking an Interdisciplinary Studies BA. Gender Studies courses are also great choices for general electives outside of your major and/or minor.

The interdisciplinary minor in Gender Studies is designed to help students understand gender roles and how they are impacted by the challenges and opportunities brought about by social, economic, political, legal, and other changes in society.  Our courses also explore the interrelationships among gender, class, and race.  The program is particularly recommended to students who plan to pursue career choices involving working with women, children, the elderly, LGBTQ, and socially disadvantaged populations.  Gender Studies courses are good foundations for graduate studies in the social sciences, humanities, law, business, or social services.

To find specific information about the requirements for the Gender Studies minor, click here.


Spring 2021 Gender Studies Courses

In the list below, the course designated as the Gender Studies Capstone class for spring 2021 is in bold and marked with an *.  If you are in your final semester of gender studies coursework, you must get your capstone course pre-approved before the semester starts and preferably before you register for the course.  Email Dr. Yeaw at for  more information or to get approved to take the capstone.


Instructor Course Number Course Name CRN Time Brief description
Martin, Londie. GNST-2300 991/9U1 Intro to Gender Studies 15727/15728 Online Introductory course
Avra, Shannon SOCI-3333 990/9U0 Women in a Changing Society 12472/14309 Online analysis of the socialization of women for their ascribed roles, changes in contemporary society
Avra, Shannon SOCI-3333 991/9U1 Women in a Changing Society 15484/15485 Online analysis of the socialization of women for their ascribed roles, changes in contemporary society
Snyder, Janea HHPS 4382 990/9U0 Cultural Compentence
Briscoe, David SOCI 3346-9S1 Family Sociology 10:00-10:50 MWF Family dynamics for self, community, and society
Briscoe, David SOCI 3350-9S1 Family Violence 9:25-10:40 TR Abuse, neglect, and conflict within the family
Smith, Molly CRJU 3312-9S1 Victimology TR 12:15-1:30 Victimology is the scientific study of crime victims and focuses on the physical, emotional, and financial harm victims suffer due to crime. The purpose of this course is to examine victim-offender relationships, the interactions between victims and the criminal justice system, and the connections between victims and other institutions (such as the media, advocacy groups, and government). In exploring these connections, we will address the theory, research, legislation, and policy implications related to victimization. Students are expected to read assignments, use critical thinking skills, and be able to analyze and evaluate victimization issues.
Barrio, Laura *ENGL 4370-9S1 *Slavery Narratives 17485 TR 10:50-12:05 Analysis of slave narratives and contemporary neo-slave narratives through an intersectional lense.
Delgado-Solorzano, Edma SPAN 4361– 990 SM: Groundbreaking Women 14850 Online
Erwin Raptopoulos, Kilby CRJU 3315-972 Sex Crimes 16244 Online
Floyd, Terri HHPS 2374 Family Life & Sex Education 13247 Online Note: class must be upper level to count as GNST elective
King, Kathryn ANTH 4398 ST: Anthropology of Death 18224 MWF 11-11:50 Death is one of the few true human universals. However, there is tremendous temporal and cross-cultural variation in the attitudes toward and the practices associated with death. This class explores this variation from a holistic, anthropological viewpoint incorporating concepts from cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and archaeology. Topics include medical versus social death, mourning practices, memorialization, and forms of burial. Three credit hours. Dual listed in the Graduate Catalog as ANTH 5301.


Fall 2020 Courses

GNST 2300 Intro to Gender Studies  CRN: 62598 An introductory course that examines gender roles, politics, family and religion. online

Gender Studies Electives:

  • ACOM 3315-982 Gender Communication CRN: 63010 online
  • ACOM 3315-9U1 Gender Communication CRN: 60349 online
  • ENGL 4370 Seminar: Virginia Woolf* CRN: 63017 MW 12:15pm-1:30pm
  • PHIL 4373 Philosophy of Race* MW 1:40-2: 55
  • ACOM 4300 Capstone Project* 01-CRN: 62698, MWF 11-noon; 991-CRN: 63059 online; 9U1-CRN: 63060 online
  • MGMT 3340 Managing People in Organizations  CRN: 61602 TR 9.25 a.m. to 10.40 a.m.
  • ENGL 3327-01 African American Literature II CRN: 63016 TR 9:25-10:40
  • PSYC 3336 Psychology of Women 991-CRN: 63888; 9U1 -CRN: 63890 online
  • SOCI 3333 Women In Changing Society 991-CRN: 61412;  9U1-CRN: 62390 online
  • SOCI 3346 Family Sociology  CRN: 61415 online
  • SOCI 3350 Family Violence CRN: 61662 TR 8:00am-9:15am

Graduate Level Gender Studies Courses:

  • ENGL 5370 Seminar: Virginia Woolf CRN: 63018 MW 12:15pm-1:30pm
  • PHIL 5373 Philosophy of Race  MW 1:40-2: 55
  • PADM 7336 Nonprofit Management 61710 M 6:00 pm – 8:40 pm
  • PADM 7301 Profession of Public Administration 61702 W 6:00 – 8:40 PM