Research and Creativity in the Rock

UA Little Rock is proud to be a doctoral research university where our students have the opportunity to research everything from carbon-based nanomaterials to food insecurity.

Research and Creativity in the Rock is for both undergraduates and graduates.

Lilly BessetteResearch and Creativity in the Rock is made up of five events: Student Research and Creative Works Expo, EIT Open House, CALS Open House, CEHP Open House and CSSC Research Showcase.

This event is an opportunity for students to showcase their research and creative efforts. Students can submit their project to one of 13 categories: computer science/information science, creative work, economics, education, engineering, health science, humanities, interdisciplinary, life science, physical science, service work/professional application, social science, and social work.

Applicable submissions include, but are not limited to, theses and dissertations, honors and capstone projects, independent study projects, and course-related work.

Students can participate with either a poster, oral presentation, exhibit or performance, and can present alone or in a group.