Frequently asked questions

How do I access my UALR email?
You can access your UALR Google Mail account by going to or by selecting the Email quick link from the UALR homepage.
Before logging in to your email account for the first time you will need to learn what your NetID is and set an initial password.
I was a student at UALR more than two years ago, and I am returning next semester. Why can’t I access my email?
Email accounts are provided for currently admitted students. Admitted status is retained for two years after the last semester you were enrolled in classes. After two years of no enrollment, your email account will be disabled. Your account will be re-enabled upon re-admission to the university.
Email accounts are not deleted for up to one year after they have been disabled. If it has been more than one year since your account was disabled, you may not recover the same email address you had before.
Will I be able to keep my email account at Google after I graduate?
Yes, if you are a member of the UALR Alumni Association. Contact the Association at 501-683-7208 to find out more.
What if I already have a GMail account?
If you have a public GMail Account with the same address provided to you by UALR using the same services, the UALR Google Apps account will take priority. If you would still like to use the Google Account, you will need to change the email address associated with the Google Account. By doing this step you will have access to your previous documents and services.
Can I opt out of having a Google email account?
Your UALR email account is the primary means of communication from UALR; it is necessary for all students and employees to have an account.
How secure is my data?
Google has very good spam filtering and virus scanner in place. Storing your documents with Google is a great way to have a backup of your school work.
Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy comply with valid legal processes seeking account information, such as search warrants, court orders, or subpoenas. Links to information on laws applying to government surveillance or other requests for personal information are available on UALR’s Privacy Notice website.