What is my NetID?

Your NetID is the primary account credential used to access web-based university systems such as email, Blackboard, and others. Find your NetID and set (or reset) your password in BOSS.

NetID 2.0 is here! In 2020, we announced NetID 2.0—a project aimed at creating a simple, unified, and more secure way for you to access and protect university resources. One of the key changes for NetID 2.0 is the username format—it now matches your email address (e.g., jxdoe@ualr.edu) instead of the original NetID format (e.g., abc1). Another key feature is the introduction of multi-factor authentication or MFA.

The migration to this new format is still underway, so certain services still only accept the original NetID format including logging into network services (e.g., wireless, VPN, etc.) or applications like WordPress or Evisions.


Trouble logging in? Feel free to contact IT Services for assistance if you are having problems logging in to a campus system that cannot be resolved by resetting the NetID password.