Horizontal Link Cabling Worksheet

Any contractors installing fiber optic and network cabling on a UA Little Rock campus must use the Horizontal Link Cabling worksheet to identify and label cables. Submit completed worksheets to IT Services electronically for approval to complete the installation. Vendors/contractors can make the best use of this spreadsheet by using it as a planning tool by completing and getting it approved prior to any physical cabling.

This worksheet is meant to support vendors, contractors, and staff doing cabling work at UA Little Rock. The workbook is a deliverable item 1) prior to cable installation, and 2) after testing.

Users of this tool should review the Infrastructure Cabling and Wiring Standards. Users should have a basic knowledge of Excel and/or workbooks and spreadsheets to make the best use this tool.

It is recommended you save and work with a copy of this workbook using the building ID in the workbook name. Protection for this workbook is turned on, but it is not password protected so you can (and must) toggle protection on and off. Protection is to preserve the formatting, formulas, and structure to make it easier for data entry.


Download the most current version of the Horizontal Link Cabling worksheet.

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