Code of Responsibility for Security and Confidentiality of Records, Files, and Databases

Security and confidentiality are matters of concern to the university and all employees will strictly adhere to applicable federal and state laws regarding the privacy of information retained on employees and students. The university accepts responsibility for the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of information contained in both hard copy and electronic files. Therefore, each employee who has access to employee and/or student information must adhere to the following code of responsibility.

  1. No one may make or permit unauthorized use of any information in files maintained, stored,
    controlled, or processed by the University Information System(s).
  2. No one is permitted to seek personal benefit, allow others to benefit personally or to divulge, in any way, knowledge of any confidential information that has been obtained in the scope of employment.
  3. No one is to exhibit or divulge the contents of any record or report to any person except in the scope of employment and in accordance with applicable policies and procedures.
  4. No one may knowingly include, or cause to be included, in any record or report, a false, inaccurate, or misleading entry. No one may knowingly change or delete or cause to be changed or deleted an entry in any record or report, unless they have done so within the scope of employment.
  5. No official record or report, or copy thereof, may be removed from the office where it is maintained or copied or printed via electronic means except in the performance of a person’s duties, and in accordance with established procedures. Copies made in the performance of a person’s duties may not be released to third parties except as No. 3 above.
  6. No one is to aid, abet, or act in conspiracy with another to violate any part of this code.
  7. No one shall use another person’s user-ID and password.
  8. Any violation or knowledge of a violation of this code must immediately be reported to the
    employee’s supervisor.

Violation of this code may lead to reprimand, suspension, or dismissal. Violation may also lead to action under the policy for student conduct, contractually established disciplinary procedures, and/or State of Arkansas statutes pertaining to theft, alteration of public record, or other applicable section.