The Little Rock Congregations Study began in 2012 with 5 religious congregations and 15 student volunteers. In 2016, the Little Rock Congregations Study expanded to 17 religious congregations through a partnership with the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. Over 60 students participated in the research in 2016, collecting data from nearly 1,500 congregants.

Data collection in 2018 focused on clergy, with 116 clergy members responding to our survey to tell us about community engagement at their congregation. In 2020, we moved our data collection online and expanded to work with 35 congregations and over 2,200 congregants. In recent years, we have focused our research on faith-based racial justice, including hosting a Race and Faith Summit for religious leaders and producing resources for people and places of faith. More than 200 student researchers have contributed to the LRCS since it started in 2012.

A book based on the data of the Little Rock Congregations Study, by Dr. Rebecca A. Glazier, will be published in 2024. “Faith and Community: How Engagement Strengthens Members, Places of Worship, and Society” is available from Temple University Press here: https://tupress.temple.edu/books/faith-and-community.

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