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Graduate Students Show Off Research

UALR held its annual Graduate Research Expo April 22 in the Donaghey Student Center. Winners were named in seven categories.

Graduate students honored for their achievement in research included:

First place – Alicia Makia; business administration; Magnolia, Ark.
Second place – Heather Sanders; accountancy; Pencil Bluff, Ark.

First place – Deborah Bruick; educational administration and supervision; Charleston, Ark.
Second place – Carol Ann Beeman; educational administration and supervision; Marshall, Ark.

First place – Kevin Quinn; liberal studies; Key West, Fla.
Second place – Judy Warner; liberal studies; San Diego
Third place – Brad Jordan; public history; Benton, Ark.

image001-1Social Sciences
First place – Megan Anders; audiology and speech pathology; Little Rock
Second place – Reagen MeGee; applied communication studies, Arkadelphia, Ark.
Third place – Ashley Boccarossa; applied communication studies; Little Rock

Science Room I

First place – Matthew Allan Thomas; applied science (physics); Little Rock
Second place – Vimalathithan Subramanian; applied science (applied computing); Chennai, India
Third place – Shaymaa Jabir; applied science (applied computing); Baghdad, Iraq

Science Room II
First place – Hom Kandel; applied science; Nepal
Second place – Mehmet Cansizoglu; applied science (physics); Eskisehir, Turkey
Third place – Murat Al; applied science (applied computing); Darmstadt, Germany

Science Room III
First place – Wisam Khudhayer; Applied Science (Engineering); Baghdad, Iraq
Second place – Minho Chae; bioinformatics; Seoul, Korea
Third place – Erich Peterson; applied science (applied computing); Cabot, Ark.