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Arkansas Business Features Dean Good

Dr. Mary Good, dean of UALR’s Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology (EIT), was featured in a recent article in Arkansas Business saying science is critical for economic development and should be the foundation of public policy.

marygood“I think it should be the foundation of public policy in many ways,” she said, “because if you look at competition in the world today, that competition is essentially for new products, new manufacturing methodology, new health care venues, and all of that – the foundation for it – is science and technology and quality engineers.”

The dean said it is very important for the United States to ensure that its scientists and engineers have adequate research resources so that they can continue to foster a competitive technology base and increase educational opportunities that will attract the best minds available. One way of doing that is to increase research and development investment.

“Otherwise, we are not going to be competitive in the coming world, because countries like China and India are increasing their input in these areas every day,” Good said.