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Shahan Named New Staff Senate President

Rosalie Shahan
Rosalie Shahan

Rosalie Shahan, contracts and operations manager at MidSOUTH, has been named the new president of Staff Senate for the 2021-22 academic year. 

A native of Salem, Arkansas, Shahan joined UA Little Rock in late 2016 to work at MidSOUTH, the community service unit of UA Little Rock’s College of Business, Health, and Human Services. 

MidSOUTH is a training and education organization that equips practitioners, providers, and advocates with the essential tools to empower oppressed and vulnerable populations and make community-wide improvement through continuing education in the areas of child welfare, healthy families/family support, prevention, and addictions.

She was soon drawn to Staff Senate in an effort to get more involved in campus life.  

“An office mate suggested that I get involved in Staff Senate,” Shahan said. “I wanted to join Staff Senate and get to know the campus as a whole. That’s where it all began. I love seeing staff members come together to support other staff members. It’s a really good tangible way to give back to campus.”

During her four years on Staff Senate, Shahan has been heavily involved in the Helping Hands Committee and has chaired the committee for the past three years. She’s also served on the Staff Awards Committee, which helps select the Staff Achievement Award winners and run the annual Staff Awards Ceremony, as well as the Issues and Concerns and the Engagement committees.

“I’ve really enjoyed being able to celebrate the accomplishments of staff members on campus and make it known that you’ve worked so hard and done a great job these past 5, 10, 25 years or more,” Shahan said. “It’s been such a nice way to give back and to recognize staff members.” 

Shahan was elected to her new role after President-Elect Jenn McDannold recently left UA Little Rock to move to California. As the new president, Shahan plans to concentrate on helping staff members transition back to on-campus life. 

“I think this next year is going to be a transition year. I want to make sure that staff feel safe and welcome back on campus,” Shahan said. “Staff are worried about multiple things this year with COVID-19 being the main one. I hope that staff members will feel safe and appreciated when campus opens back up. Campus can’t run without the staff, whether it’s a grounds crew member or the highest administrator. Everyone is important and everyone is doing their part to make sure the campus stays open and available for students.”

Shahan earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in human resource management from Lyon College. 

Shahan and her husband Justin live in Sherwood with their two sons, who are 4 and 7.