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UA Little Rock Announces Winners of 2022 Student Research and Creative Works Expo Winners

Emma Chambers showcases her homemade paint during the 2022 Student Research and Creative Works Expo.
Emma Chambers showcases her homemade paint during the 2022 Student Research and Creative Works Expo.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has announced the winners of the 2022 Student Research and Creative Works Expo.

This year’s event took place outside between the Ottenheimer Library and the Cooper Fountain on April 8. It was the first in-person student expo that UA Little Rock has hosted in three years.

More than 90 undergraduate and graduate students showcased their academic and creative work and community projects at the Student Research and Creative Works Expo.

The winners and their awards include:

Computer Science/Information Science

  • First Place, Graduate Student, Dayo Banjo and Connice Trimmingham, ImageToon
  • Second Place, Graduate Student, Carlos Ochoa, Smartphone-based AR/MR video passthrough headset prototype
  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Danica Mobley, Immersive VR Application for the Performing Arts

Creative Work

First Place, Undergraduate Student, Emma Chambers, Sourcing from Nature: Making and Using Paint from Locally Sources Pigments

Second Place, Undergraduate Student, Kevin Davidson, Restoration of Fluid Circuit Apparatus

Third Place, Undergraduate Student, Julia McPeake, Modern Life, A Satire of Modern Life


  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Caleb Boutin, Destroying Ships or the Industry: Legal and Economic Consequences of Not Defining a Ship in the Shipbreaking Industry a Vessel


  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Samantha Cougill, Touching History
  • Second Place, Undergraduate Student, David Caldwell, Peer Engagement: In-person vs. Online using Learning Assistants

Engineering/Engineering Technology/Construction Management

  • First Place, Graduate Student, Phillip Bryan, Engineering Consistency in Large 3D Prints
  • Second Place, Graduate Student, Nilesh Chaudhari, Study of fluidization behavior of solid waste materials for sustainable production of carbon neutral/negative green fuels
  • Third Place, Graduate Student, Hatim Raji, Effect of Composition on Damping Characteristics of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys
Undergraduate and graduate students showcase their research and creative work during the 2022 Student Research and Creative Works Expo.
UA Little Rock students showcase their research and creative work during the 2022 Student Research and Creative Works Expo. Photos by Ben Krain.
  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Michael Frey, Modernizing Motorcycle Instrumentation and Display
  • Second Place, Undergraduate Student, Noah French, EZ-Transport Folding Canoe
  • Second Place, Undergraduate Student, Michael Flowers, Cost-Benefit of Adding Wind-turbine Generator
  • Third Place, Undergraduate Student, Nuh Jakoet, Drowsy driving detection with EEG signals and sensor fusion.
  • Third Place, Undergraduate Student, Ibrahim Suid, Reinforced Shape Memory Polymer Composites Actuator for Surgical Devices

Health Science

  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Anabelen Rodriguez
  • Second Place, Undergraduate Student, Cecile Barnes
  • Third Place, Undergraduate Student, Khristina Huff


  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Jordan Hancock, Masculinity and Felinity in William Blake’s Fallen World as Told through Large Colored Prints
  • Second Place, Undergraduate Student, Aiyana Burgess, Talking Knots – Quipu Theories and Narratives throughout the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
  • Third Place, Undergraduate Student, Carmen Ramirez, Influences of Native Guatemalan Music on the compositions of Jesus Castillo (1877-1946)


  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Ahad Nadeem, Student-created H5P Practice Questions for Biology Students
  • Second Place, Undergraduate Student, Nicholas Jaeger, Analyzing the Constitutionality of Blue Laws through the Scope of the Commerce Clause
  • Third Place, Undergraduate Student, Mataya Duncan, The effects of different trellising systems on blackberries

Life Science

  • First Place, Graduate Student, Samantha Macchi, Investigation of cytotoxicity mechanism of porphyrin-based nanomedicine
  • Second Place, Graduate Student, Nazneen Begum, Osh6 down-regulates pro-aging TORC1 via Gga2
  • Third Place, Graduate Student, Andrew Ramirez, Elucidate the function of vacuolar-ATPase B subunit 1 gene on root structure and development
  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Sadie Goss, Tunable filtration systems for pollutant removal
  • Second Place, Undergraduate Student, Amie Brint, A Continuation of GSDMD’s Function in Multiple Sclerosis
  • Second Place, Undergraduate Student, Gabrielle Roberts, The Study of Gasdermin D Mutation in Cancer Research
  • Third Place, Undergraduate Student, Ibraheem Abbood, Mutagenesis of Staphylococcus epidermidis to inhibit Biofilm formation on polystyrene surfaces
Dr. Kirk Leach listens to Samantha Cougill present her project, Touching History, during the 2022 Student Research and Creative Works Expo. Photo by Ben Krain.

Physical Science

  • First Place, Graduate Student, Ghusoon Al Bazzar, Synthesis and characterization of Low- cost, High-performance Cu2O – ZnO Core-Shell nanorods
  • Second Place, Graduate Student, Mavis Forson, Photophysical Characterization of Porphyrin-Fullerene Dyads
  • Third Place, Graduate Student, Karie Sanford, Catalytic degradation of macromolecules using benign method
  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Meagan Herbold, Applied Physics for the Design and Construction of Articulated, Electronic Wings
  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Ruby Trotter, Nanomaterial Effects on Degradation of Polymer Biomaterials
  • Second Place, Undergraduate Student, Lauv Patel, MTA nucleosidase inhibition through mutant kinetic characterization
  • Third Place, Undergraduate Student, Tayler Gamble, Studies in the hydridic reduction reactions of alkynyl hydrazones via sigmatropic rearrangement to form allenes

Service Work/Professional Application

  • First Place, Tyler Riley and Angelita Faller, Student Perceptions of Textbooks and Course Material: Program Assessment for Ottenheimer Library

Social Science

  • First Place, Graduate Student, Ronia Kattoum, Factors that Determine if Students See Themselves as Future Chemistry Learning Assistants
  • Second Place, Graduate Student, Trye Price, A Qualitative Examination of Victimization among LGBTQIA+ Adults in Arkansas
  • Third Place, Graduate Student, Lacey Roughton, Non-Religious Identity and Experiences of Crime
  • First Place, Undergraduate Student, Ahad Nadeem, Food Deserts in Little Rock
  • Second Place, Undergraduate Student, Cameron Russell, Examining the Evolution of ICC Funding
  • Third Place, Undergraduate Student, Anthony Best, Building a tool for measuring the Decibel Analysis for Research in Teaching