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Jones to Receive National LULAC Award

Christina Jones
Christina Jones

Christine Jones, a graduate student in technical and professional writing at UA Little Rock, has been selected to receive the Aspiring Scholar Award for her outstanding achievements by the LULAC National Educational Service Centers (LNESC).

The award is presented to a LULAC scholarship recipient currently enrolled in college who has exceeded academically and has demonstrated success in their educational pursuits. This individual expresses the promotion of scholarly achievement and is an excellent example of an outstanding leader and role model for peers.

“When I first found out that I had won a national LULAC award, I was initially in disbelief,” Jones said. “However, since I’ve had time to let it sink in, I’m so honored that not only has LNESC believed in my abilities from the beginning of my graduate studies by the very generous scholarships that they have afforded me for my continued education, but that they also feel I have far exceeded their expectations with my educational pursuits.”

Jones will receive the award during the Achievements through Education Awards ceremony July 29 during the 2022 League of United Latin American Citizens Council (LULAC) National Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The focus will be on participants that have demonstrated academic and professional successes, as well as to acknowledge those who have given back to their communities. Five UA Little Rock students will attend the LULAC National Convention.

Her academic and leadership activities at UA Little Rock have included maintaining a 4.0 GPA all while serving as chair of the Racial Barriers Committee, president of LULAC Council 771, student vice president of Phi Kappa Phi, past vice president/incoming president of the Graduate Student Association, a senator with the Student Government Association, and a member of the Academic Integrity Committee.

“Whether it be raising funds for caps and gowns for students with low incomes, ensuring equity exists among all students and promoting racial healing, or helping raise funds for several LatinX students to fulfill a dream, I feel that I have demonstrated to other students what can be achieved when you really put your heart and mind into something,” Jones said. “I am especially proud, as a Puerto Rican/Dominican LatinX American, to be recognized by the LULAC National Educational Service Centers as a role model for my peers and can only hope that I can continue to be a role model and inspire many more students—especially other LatinX students—to continue in their educational pursuits.”