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Glazier Named Top Higher Ed Influencer to Follow in 2023

Dr. Rebecca Glazier gives a presentation at UA Little Rock Downtown. Photo by Ben Krain.
Dr. Rebecca Glazier gives a presentation at UA Little Rock Downtown. Photo by Ben Krain.

Dr. Rebecca Glazier, a professor in the School of Public Affairs at UA Little Rock, has been named one of the top higher education influencers to follow in 2023.

Glazier was named to EdTech’s list of “30 Higher Ed IT Influencers to Follow in 2023.” The list highlights higher education leaders, authors, podcasters, creators, and social media personalities who are helping drive online conversation.

“My focus has really been on increasing connections in online spaces, and I am so glad to see that perspective elevated in the Higher Ed IT environment,” Glazier said. “I am really honored to be in such great company on this list, and I am grateful that my ideas about the importance of building rapport and using technology to connect with students are gaining traction.”

For the 2023 list of higher ed IT influencers to follow, EdTech: Focus on Higher Education has spotlighted 30 individuals who are lending their voice to promote the continued adoption and integration of technology. They come from various backgrounds with different levels of experience and take a number of approaches to spreading their message, but all are eager to share what they’ve learned to make higher education better for everyone involved.

Glazier was recognized for her book, “Connecting in the Online Classroom,” which demonstrates how connecting with students in online classes through even simple rapport-building efforts can significantly improve retention rates and help students succeed.

“I love teaching! For me, technology is a tool to facilitate connection, not an end in itself,” Glazier said. “When students are learning in a high-rapport environment where they feel connected and cared about, they are much more likely to succeed. I want to help make that happen for more students and I am grateful that my ideas are valued by the Higher Ed IT community. The success of my book is further evidence of the importance of rapport.”

In addition, she hosts workshops, appears on podcasts, and serves as a consultant to help improve instructor-student rapport in virtual settings. Her most recent research with Dr. Matthew Pietryka at Florida State University on engaging students through collaborative research projects has been featured on the Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast as well as the Active Learning in Political Science Blog.

“I am always working to build rapport and connection with students in my own classrooms, and I love sharing those ideas through workshops and professional development talks around the country.”