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Graduating Student Spotlight: Sathi Rahman Gulledge

Sathi Rahman Gulledge
Sathi Rahman Gulledge

Sathi Rahman Gulledge, a senior at UA Little Rock, will be graduating Cum Laude this fall with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Gulledge transferred to UA Little Rock amidst the pandemic and found herself in a challenging position as she navigated the uncertainty. She cites her professors Sean Orme, Thomas Wallace, Dr. Noelle Butski, and Dr. Seunghyun Kim as “beacons of guidance.”

“Their unwavering support and teachings shaped my academic path, illuminating the way through the complexities of marketing in an ever-evolving world,” said Gulledge. “Their mentorship became my compass, guiding me through the depths of consumer behavior and market strategies. Nights turned into study sessions, fueled by their expertise and encouragement. Despite the obstacles, their belief in my potential propelled me forward.”

Her husband, sister, and parents were also there to encourage her every step of the way. Gulledge is deeply appreciative of their sacrifices and encouragement which empowered her to succeed in completing her degree.

“Their collective love and support weren’t mere pillars but the very melody that accompanied my achievements, forming the foundation of my success in Little Rock.”

Through her education at UA Little Rock, Gulledge has identified her passion for business and marketing. She is fascinated by the multifaceted nature of the field and loves to approach things from different angles.

Following graduation, Gulledge plans to continue her education at UA Little Rock by pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree. She also dreams of one day starting a marketing business that focuses on helping other small businesses grow.

“It’s a way for me to put what I’ve learned into action and contribute to the world of entrepreneurship,” said Gulledge. “This path feels like a perfect blend of my passion for learning and my desire to make a real impact.”