Faculty Absence from Work – LR 403.5

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Faculty Absence from Work
Policy Number: LR 403.5
Effective Date: November 19, 1993


A position on the teaching or research staff of the university is considered to be a full-time undertaking unless it is specifically designed as part-time.

It is recognized, however, that a person’s teaching or research functions cannot always be confined to an exact schedule of clock hours. But each person is expected to perform adequately the duties assigned to him or her. Any departure from a work schedule normal for the tasks assigned must receive approval from the appropriate department head and dean in advance.

Whenever unforeseen circumstances make it necessary for an instructor or research worker to be absent from his or her duties, he or she should notify his or her department chairperson and dean immediately.

Reason for the absence should be made clear. State law requires the university administration to keep on file a record of the number of days each faculty and staff member was unable or failed to keep his or her assigned schedule of work and the reasons therefore—whether reasons of health, unexpected or emergency circumstances, or performance of off-campus tasks in the interest of university affairs. Faculty and staff members are called upon at appropriate intervals to report these absences, if any.

Source: UA Little Rock Faculty Handbook
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Custodian: Provost