About Us

Our Mission

The University of Arkansas Little Rock Police Department provides an appropriate response to citizen and officer calls for assistance to detect, pursue, and apprehend persons who jeopardize the health, safety, and welfare of others. We offer a wide variety of specialized services and information to the victims of crime, other citizens in need of assistance, and the various supporting units of our department.

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The accomplishment of this mission requires that patrol operations consist of many diverse activities which are directed toward the attainment of department objectives. However, activities such as patrolling, conducting field interviews, arresting criminal suspects, and issuing traffic citations are not objectives in themselves; rather, they are methods of achieving the objectives of protecting the life and property of our citizens.

The Police Officer’s function is to enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority and the constitutional rights of all persons. It is not the role of the officer to legislate, to render judgments, or to punish.

Department History

The UA Little Rock Police Department was created in January 1970. When originally instituted, there were a total of 4 police officers serving a student population of approximately 3,200.

Currently, the UA Little Rock Police Department has authorized 27 full-time law enforcement officers that provide law enforcement services to the  University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s campus and property owned or leased by the university. The goal of the department is to maintain a safe and secure campus environment for students, faculty, staff, and guests.

All UA Little Rock Police Officers are state-certified police officers and attend either the Black River Law Enforcement Training Academy or the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy. They have the same arrest powers as city, county, and state police.

The department’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Service
  • Crime Prevention
  • Enforcement of all applicable state and local laws