Department History

The  UA Little Rock Police Department was created in January 1970. When originally instituted, there were a total of 4 police officers serving a student population of approximately 3,200.

Currently, the UA Little Rock Police Department has authorized 26 full-time law enforcement officers and serves a campus population of approximately 13,000 students and 1,500 faculty and staff. In addition, a Student Patrol program was instituted in 1988 to provide escorts for night students and assist the UA Little Rock Police Officers in maintaining a safe campus environment.

All UA Little Rock Police Officers are state-certified police officers and attend either the Black River Law Enforcement Training Academy or the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy. They have the same arrest powers as city, county, and state police.

The department’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Service
  • Crime Prevention
  • Enforcement of all applicable state and local laws