About the Journal

The Arkansas Journal of Social Change and Public Service is a vehicle for identifying and addressing the pressing needs of our society. It examines issues lying at the intersection of policy, public interest, academia, and the law, raising awareness of topics insufficiently examined in traditional scholarly publications.

The Journal seeks contributions in a variety of formats not only from academics, but also from advocates, students, and members of the general public in an effort to provide the broadest possible array of analysis and opinion. This approach fosters dialogue that reaches beyond a single discipline or perspective.

Reflecting the fact that world events do not occur in semi-annual installments, the Journal’s content is dynamic, with frequent updates occurring through the efforts of its staff and outside contributors.

The Journal will serve as a gathering place and a rallying point for those committed to public service, public policy, and public advocacy. A candid and open exchange of ideas will provide guidance in the formation of initiatives not only in Arkansas but throughout the world.