Conference Services Policies

The Donaghey Student Center Policies and Procedures govern all facility use and reservations of DSC facilities to ensure the highest standards of service delivery, safety, and security for its guests.

General Policies

  • Clients are expected to respect the facilities and the rights of others. Any person in the facility who engages in any disorderly conduct, including verbal or physical abuse of any employee or other person is subject to immediate removal from the facility and possible loss of privileges.
  • Clients of the UA Little Rock facility and its grounds must abide by university regulations as well as federal, state, and Local laws.
  • All groups using university space are expected to adhere to the UA Little Rock Policies and Procedures on use of university facilities and outdoor space.
  • All students and faculty are expected to abide by the code of conduct.
  • Discrimination in the use of UA Little Rock facilities regarding disability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or nationality is prohibited.
  • Hours of operation are available on the UA Little Rock Conference Services website. Hours may change or campus may be closed during holidays and inclement weather.
  • UA Little Rock Conference Services reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these terms at any time without notice at our sole discretion. Unless otherwise indicated, such changes will be effective immediately.

Reservation Policies

  • Reservable spaces may only be used with confirmation from Conference Services, and the Student Experience Center and/or Department of Public Safety when needed.
  • All reservable spaces and equipment are first-come, first-served. Exceptions to this are at the discretion of the Conference Services Coordinator.
  • All billing arrangements must be made prior to the start of an event, including billing addresses, and required deposits. Any rejected payment methods may be subject to additional fees. Past-due invoices will result in cancellation of future reservations and no future cancellations will be accepted for persons or organizations with outstanding invoices.
  • Registered Student Organizations and university departments may make weekly recurring reservations for an academic year beginning February 1 of the previous spring semester. The UA Little Rock Conference Services Coordinator must approve exceptions to this timeline.
  • UA Little Rock Conference Services staff may move or adjust reservations as required to optimize space in the facility and provide best-fit services to guests.
  • Reservable rooms and spaces are not intended to be used for:
    • individual studying or group projects, except when reserved by the organization or held as such by the UA Little Rock Conference Services Coordinator. Professional staff of the corresponding university.
    • department as an official departmental event must reserve thesis defenses and other significant academic events.
  • Reservations should begin and end when scheduled.
  • UA Little Rock Conference Services may assess fees for late cancellations, no-shows, and late finish meetings. Events outside normal operating hours or requiring special setups will be assessed charges.
  • Events may be cancelled if the proper information (including setups, tech needs, artist riders, billing info, and other information) is not received from the organizer within 5 working days prior to the event’s start time. This may require a setup meeting or other communication.
  • Conference Services recommends that all events scheduled to take place outdoors schedule an alternate location in case of rain. If the Donaghey Student Center (DSC) is used as an “in case of rain” location, then the rain call must be made the day before the event the event.
  • During inclement weather situations, UA Little Rock Conference Services will perform as follows:
    • If the university is closed due to inclement weather, all reservations in the DSC will be cancelled automatically. The DSC will remain open to act as a safe building, at the discretion of the Director.
    • If the university does not close, but inclement weather threatens the safety of event attendees or guests, the UA Little Rock Conference Services Coordinator will make the decision if events are to be cancelled
  • Information tables are restricted to the foyer or mall area.
    • Foyer tables can only be booked between the hours of 10 am – 4 pm.
    • Groups at information tables must limit activity to the confines of the table, and have only two chairs per table. Activities may not restrict traffic flow or interfere with other tables. Loud or boisterous activity is not allowed. Calling out/approaching passers-by is prohibited.
  • Events involving minors will require security evaluation with Campus Police to determine if security will be necessary. 

Billing Policies

  • All reservations in the facility will fall into one of the three billing categories: Registered Student Organizations/Department, Sponsored, and Non-University.
  • Registered Student Organizations/Department events are those put on by student groups or departments for university purposes, for student, faculty, and staff audiences, with no external partnership or funding.
  • Sponsored events are those put on by student groups or departments, which may or may not be for university purposes or have a university-targeted audience, and may involve external partnerships or funding.
  • Non-University events are those not put on by students groups or departments, without a university purpose or university audience, and use an outside funding source.
  • UA Little Rock Conference Services defines “fronting” as a Registered Student Organization or department using their rate structure to benefit an outside entity, without meeting all requirements for the lower rate. Any organization or department caught “fronting” will be required to pay the proper rate for their reservation, and may have future reservations cancelled.
  • The UA Little Rock Conference Services Coordinator will have the final say in whether an event meets the requirements for a given rate structure. 
  • For large reservations, UA Little Rock Conference Services may require a nonrefundable deposit prior to the start of the event.
  • UA Little Rock Conference Services and DPS reserve the right to charge for damages and extra security at the discretion of the UA Little Rock Conference Services Coordinator and DPC.
  • Cancellation:
    • Events cancelled 3 days prior to the event date will receive a 90% refund of payment minus a $50 cancellation fee.
    • Events cancelled less than 2 days prior to the event date will no longer be eligible for a refund.
    • All payments must be submitted to the UA Little Rock Cashiers Office
  • Their hours are Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Credit card payments may be made by phone by calling 501-916-5537.
  • Their office is located on the first floor of the Student Services Center (SSC).
  • Checks should be made payable to: Conference Services – UA Little Rock.

UA Little Rock Offices will be required to pay via backcharge.

Department of Public Safety (DPS) Security

  • Social events with an attendance of 50+ will be required to have at least one DPS officer present.
  • DPS reserves the right to determine which events require DPS officers, and whether additional officers will be required.
  • DPS services must be paid upfront, in cash on the day of the event.
  • DPS service charges are $35 per hour per officer.
  • If attendance goes above the quoted number of attendees, and DPS determines an additional officer is required, then the event host must
  • provide payment upon the arrival of the additional officer. Hosts who can not, or refuse to pay for an additional officer at the recommendation of DPS, then DPS reserves the right to dismiss the event with no refund.

Sodexo Catering Services

  • Sodexo is the exclusive provider of catering for all events at UA Little Rock. All arrangements for food at events must be made through Sodexo once the event is confirmed.
  • Sodexo reserves the right of first refusal, and a Food Wavier form must be obtained from Sodexo in order to bring food from outside.
  • Bake Sales events also require a food waiver form from Sodexo.

Building Use/Campus Policies

  • No soliciting
  • UA Little Rock is a smoke free campus. Smoking and the use of tobacco products (including cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco and other tobacco products) by students, faculty, staff, and visitors are prohibited on all University of Arkansas properties.
  • Sound regulations: If, in the opinion of UA Little Rock Conference Services staff, the live music or amplified sound inside the DSC is disturbing others or contains inappropriate language, the group must lower the music/amplified sound or discontinue sound to the satisfaction of UA Little Rock Conference Services staff.
  • Decorations: The organizer is allowed to decorate as needed, provided that no damage occurs to the space rented. Anything that could damage the facility, including but not limited to painting, taping, stapling, gluing, confetti, nailing and glitter is prohibited. Applicable repair/cleaning charges will apply along with limited, restricted, or termination of rights to reserve space in the DSC.
  • Property Damage: Destruction of UA Little Rock Conference Services equipment may result in any of the following:
    • Reimbursement for or replacement of the damaged equipment
    • Cancellation of future reservations and/or banning of future reservations
    • Community service for the UA Little Rock Conference Services
    • Reporting of the incident to DPS
  • Fire Code: All events must be compliance with fire code. Open flames, candles, smoke/fog machines, hay, the blocking of any doors and exits, as well as other fire hazards are strictly prohibited.
    • An event or space not in compliance with the fire code may be immediately dismissed, and the space evacuated, until proper adjustments are made.
    • Access: No person or their possessions should enter or occupy any space designated as off limits to them. This includes maintenance and custodial areas, construction zones, roofs, balconies, high-level atria, and other spaces.