University Theatre


UA Little Rock Theatre Arts is a leader in innovative theatre. With multiple theatre spaces, we offer many opportunities to explore all aspects of live entertainment. Whether your interest lies in performance or design and technical theatre, we have what you are looking for.

University Theatre

Theater Arts University Theatre

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Haislip Theatre

Theater Arts Haislip Theatre

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Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall

Theater Arts Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall

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Reserve a Space

We are currently accepting rental requests. Please fill out the hyperlinked forms based on your affiliation with UA Little Rock. External rentals are subject to rental fees. Fees will depend on the scale of the event and will be determined after reviewing submission. A tour of the space will be granted upon request approval. Decisions will not be made until after August 1st. 

Internal SLPA Requests: UA Little Rock Students & Employees (inside of School of Literary and Performing Arts)

Internal Requests: UA Little Rock Affiliated Groups (outside of School of Literary and Performing Arts)

External Requests: Organizations outside of UA Little Rock 

Scene Shop

At the UA Little Rock Department of Theatre Arts, we are fortunate to have a large and well-equipped scene shop where students can learn about the many different types of tools and equipment used in the creation of props and scenery. In the scene shop our students have the opportunity to learn many techniques including traditional woodworking, metalworking, and the manipulation of plastic and foam products. Additionally, we have a 3D printer, which along with 3D design software allows you to design and print props and other specialty items.

Costume Shop

The Theatre Arts Costume Shop is located on the second floor above the scene shop with windows for natural light. The shop is well equipped with six irons, including a professional iron and a steamer, two 4X8 cutting tables, a 3×6 ironing table, five work tables that hold 14 sewing machines, and two sergers, with enough room for every student to have a workstation. We have a separate laundry/dye and airbrush painting room and a wall of fabric storage.  Costume shop manager, Donald Bolinger has plenty of opportunities to teach various skills in costume construction, draping, pattern making, craftwork, millinery work, wig styling, fabric painting, dying, and cobblery.