Helping Students Find a Path to College

The TRIO Higher Education Access Programs are dedicated to helping all students find a path to college. We assist low-income and first-generation youths (i.e. neither parent has completed a 4-year degree), adults, and veterans in enrolling and completing an educational program beyond high school.

All services are free to participants who meet the eligibility requirements. Explore our programs to get started.

TRIO Talent Search (TTS) –  For ages 11-19

The TTS program helps first-generation and low income students continue and graduate from secondary school and enroll in a post-secondary educational program. Our TTS programs serve students attending specific Arkansas schools.

Central, AR – TTS East, AR – TTS North Pulaski, AR – TTS

Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) – For ages 19+

EOC assists adults ages 19 and older and U.S. veterans with enrolling and completing a post-secondary education program. Our EOC programs serve students in specific geographic areas of Arkansas.

Central, AR – EOCNorth Central, AR – EOCDelta, AR – EOC

Upward Bound (UB) – For ages 13 – 19

Upward Bound provides critical aid to participants so that they can complete secondary education and enroll in and graduate from institutions of postsecondary education. Our UB program serves students attending specific Arkansas Schools.

Upward Bound