Instructions for Completing Admission Reclassification Appeal Form

  • The application must be received by the Office of Admissions no later than the close of business on the census date for the semester (11th day of classes for fall/spring terms and the 5th day of class for summer terms).
  • Tuition and fee payments are due before the start of each semester. You are expected to pay your entire bill even if you expect an approval of your appeal. If you receive a favorable decision after the tuition due date, the out-of-state fees will be refunded to you. There is no deferment of out-of-state tuition while awaiting a decision.
  • Knowingly giving erroneous information in an attempt to evade payment of out-of-state fees may be subject to dismissal from the university.
  • Appeals for reclassification will be denied if the documentation is not complete by the census date for the semester  (11th day of classes for fall/spring terms and the 5th day of class for summer terms).
  • To reapply for a future term, additional documentation and a new appeal form may be required.
  • The University Board of Trustees Policy governing ‘Student Residence Status for Tuition and Fee Purposes’ specifies that the burden of proof is on the individual seeking reclassification.
  • Unmarried dependent students under the age of 23 cannot be considered a resident of Arkansas for fee paying purposes unless one of the parents is a legal resident of the state or the student is a veteran.
  • All of the above must be verified with official documentation that the student:
    • has established financial independence and has left the parental home.
    • has established in Arkansas a home of permanent nature as manifested by Good Faith Acts.
    • has resided in Arkansas in a bona fide domiciliary status for at least 6 consecutive months prior to the beginning of the semester for which the fees are to be paid.
    • has an expectation of remaining in the state beyond graduation.


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