The Applied Science Graduate Program is an applied, interdisciplinary research program.   The program offers two degrees, the Doctor of Philosophy and the Master of Science.

ASCI Advising Form

Areas of interest include:

Applied Biosciences Geology
Applied Chemistry Geophysics
Applied Physics Materials Science
Applied Mathematics Nanotechnology
Computational Science Statistics

If you are excited about pursuing a degree in our program, see critical information for prospective students and begin the application process on-line.

The beauty of this graduate program is its interdisciplinary approach, which allows students to cross the traditional lines between areas of science and engineering.

This unique research and educational experience gives many of our graduates the opportunity of finding prestigious job positions in academia and industry such as faculty members at universities, scientists in national labs, or researchers in companies.

Curriculum requirements are documented in the UALR Graduate Catalog (pdf). Please read the Graduate Student Handbook and look around our web site for more details on the program.

For more information about applying for to be a Graduate Student, please contact one of our Program Coordinators.