Spring 2018 Guest: Kristin Norris

Conceptual Framework of Relevant Theories

Article by Whitley in the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning on the theories that apply to measuring the effects of participating in service learning on students.

Revised PUL/PCLs (PULs Refresh)

Principles of Undergraduate Learning and Student Experiences at IUPUI.  IUPUI has four goals for undergraduate education.  This document includes the descriptions of the behavioral characteristics that make up the goals.

Public Scholarship at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Statement on public scholarship by the Faculty Learning Community. It includes a definition of public scholarship and criteria for evaluation.

Turning Your Community Engagement Into Scholarship: Ideas and Challenges

Power Point by Kristin Norris, IUPUI Office of Community Engagement on the scholarship of community engagement including challenges, recommendations for the future, and types of potential journals and networks.

Community Engagement Scholarship Journals

Grid of journals which publish articles on community engagement and the types of articles published.

Civic-Minded Graduate Rubric 2.0

Provides a detailed description of a rubric that can be used to assess the development of civic learning and development in the undergraduate years.  It includes both the domains that compose civic mindedness and the characteristics of the domains.

Community-Engaged Scholarship Review, Promotion, and Tenure Package

Resource for how to prepare materials for annual review, promotion, and tenure that can be used by faculty and by evaluation committees.

Citation: Jordan C (Editor). Community-Engaged Scholarship Review, Promotion, and Tenure Package. Peer Review Workgroup, Community-Engaged Scholarship for Health Collaborative, Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, 2007.

Master Accreditation + Language FINAL

List of different accreditation groups by profession (e.g. Law, Engineering, Business) with their goals for  civic engagement as they apply to faculty and/or students.

Conceptual Frameworks for Partnerships in Service Learning Implications for Research by Bringle and Clayton

Book chapter covering the theoretical frameworks for campus community partnerships, past research and research for the future, measurement issues, how partnerships can be assessed, and implications for practice.