Arkansas Small Business Center teams with local business for real-world learning labs

The Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center facilitates experiential, collaborative learning opportunities at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to enhance the academic curriculum, giving students “real-world” applications for their knowledge and skills and delivering valuable services to area small businesses.

Every spring and fall, ASBTDC assists UA Little Rock faculty in designing projects where students work individually or in teams with local businesses and recruits businesses that match the faculty and course objectives. Integrating an ASBTDC Real World Classroom project into a course brings life to the classroom content and immerses students in an authentic small business environment.

With support from their instructors and ASBTDC, students team up with business owners to tackle a specific business question or need. While working with ASBTDC
client businesses, students can use the range of ASBTDC resources, such as highquality market research. As they engage business owners and work together, students build career and life skills.

At the conclusion of each project, the businesses get concrete ideas and innovative insights they can apply to their operations. While the businesses get something tangible from the students, they also give students valuable, practical experience. Participating business owners are eager to share their knowledge and entrepreneurship experience with students and view their involvement as a way to give back to the university and community.

For more information about the Real World Classroom program, contact ASBTDC’s Martial Trigeaud at

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