Immerse Yourself in Early 20th c. Little Rock

The UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture (CAHC) has added more photographs to its growing collection of early 20th century Little Rock images on Historypin, an interactive website where people can “pin” photographs on top of Google Maps and compare past and present with a slide of a button.

Among the lively scenes in this Historypin collection are a fire rescue, a parade float with buffaloes, and a man hanging off the roof of an eleven-story building. Take a tour of Little Rock in the early 20th century or browse through all of our Little Rock photographs available so far.

CAHC’s latest Historypin additions come from a collection newly available to the public: the Calvin Hanna Collection. Donated by Hanna in 2012, this collection includes an album of over 250 photographs of Little Rock taken during the winter of 1912. Scenes depicted include: the downtown area and Main Street, aerial views of the city, and landmark buildings, such as the Boyle Building, the Old State House, and the Masonic Temple.

In addition to the Little Rock album, the Calvin Hanna Collection also contains letters of the Moon family of North Little Rock (1877-1929) and the Jane Woodruff (1913-1979) photograph collection of family gatherings and outdoor excursions (ca. 1900-1950), purchased by Hanna at auction after her death.

To see everything we have on Historypin click here. Keep in mind that not all of our photographs are on Historypin.  Browse our online catalog to see what else we hold in our photograph collections.

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