My Experience as a Digital Intern

Hi, my name is John Jones and over the summer (May to August) I worked as an intern alongside the folks at the Center for Arkansas History and Culture (CAHC) in their digital program. I came to Arkansas by way of Dayton, Ohio and East Texas. I had very little knowledge of Arkansas and its rich history. During my internship I got learn about Arkansas history and look through old photographs of the city of Little Rock, learn more about Governor Winthrop Rockefeller and the Arkansas political machinery, and listen to live recordings of Johnny Cash from 1967. It was great and I really felt that I was enriched.

John Jones, Digital Intern

It was not all a bed of roses though. I learned that sometimes the process to preserve these amazing treasures can be tedious, such as recording duplicate after duplicate just to make sure the record is there for the future. You sometimes have to listen to things that are not entertaining. And sometimes you have to deal with construction workers coming up to your window and knocking and waving at you. (Sorry, inside reference. Ask Chad Garrett, Director of Technology, if you want to know.)

I have learned to digitize photographs, audio, and video; preserve and ascension these items; and create finding aids. I have learned to make decisions and be more confident in those decisions, as well as to share the wealth of knowledge that this facility and its people hold. What I learned over the summer I will help me to finish up my master’s degree with a web project on Mayor Leo McLaughlin of Hot Springs. I would recommend you become a patron here and learn more about the history of Arkansas and its people. Use the knowledge of the staff here at CAHC to grow and know more about the state. I know I will.

John Jones is currently enrolled in the Master’s of Public History program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and will be returning to CAHC fall 2013 as a graduate assistant.

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