Adepeju Tugbobo


Career Services Student Assistant
Phone: 501-914-1639
Office: Fine Arts Building, Room 151
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Adepeju Tugbobo Q&A

How did you get started in the Career Services profession?
After being informed about the graduate assistantship opportunity in Career Services by a colleague, I made the decision to apply for it, even though I didn’t have any previous experience in the field. Nonetheless, I held a strong passion for learning and honing my skills in career services.

Describe a “typical workday” in Career Services.
During a typical weekday, my responsibilities in the Career Services department encompass assisting students with Handshake, providing guidance in resume development, addressing inquiries at the front desk, and conducting resume reviews. The majority of my day revolves around tasks such as organizing the career services website, creating web pages, managing data on Handshake, and occasionally attending to phone calls and inquiries at the front desk.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
I enjoy engaging in activities that truly resonate with me. I find joy in indulging myself in captivating medical books, and prioritizing physical fitness through activities like jogging or practicing yoga. Also treasuring quality time with loved ones through social outings or meaningful conversations.

What is the most interesting place you have ever visited?
As an international student, I haven’t had the opportunity to travel to fascinating destinations, but I’ve heard remarkable things about destinations such as Florida Keys and Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona and I eagerly anticipate the chance to visit those amazing places in the future and experience its wonders firsthand.

What do you like best about living in Central Arkansas?
The residents of Central Arkansas exhibit a warm and friendly nature, making it a welcoming community. Moreover, the serene environment of Central Arkansas evokes a sense of familiarity that reminds me of my home. Since coming to the United States, I have lived exclusively in Arkansas, and it has provided me with a truly wonderful experience.