Campaign Leadership

The foundation of our success begins with support from our alumni, friends and the business community through financial and volunteer support.

Meet the extraordinary folks who have strong connections to UA Little Rock and are leading the effort to achieve these goals.

Dr. Christina Drale

chancellor draleSince our founding almost 100 years ago, UA Little Rock has met the demand for affordable and accessible higher education in central Arkansas. As we prepare to enter our Centennial Campaign for UA Little Rock, we continue to play an integral role in the destiny of Arkansas by fueling economic growth and adding value to the lives of those we touch.

Dr. Ann Bain

Ann Bain I am honored to support the UA Little Rock Centennial Campaign to help further support our students. The scholarships and student support this campaign will provide will support many students in our state and provide them with the opportunity to pursue a university education.

Gerald A. Damerow

Jerry DamerowI support UA Little Rock because of the University’s extreme importance to our community and our State. I firmly believe a strong UA Little Rock lifts up our entire State, gives us a source of great pride. UA Little Rock provides excellent educational opportunities to many students who otherwise would not be able to obtain a degree. These are teachers, scientists, nurses and business leaders who will be the core of our future economy. If we don’t build Arkansas, who will?

Alfred L. Williams

Alfred Williams I am honored to support the UA Little Rock Centennial Campaign because UA Little Rock is a crucial part of the community in Little Rock. As an alum and a longtime supporter, playing a key role in helping ensure it remains an affordable and accessible venue for higher education in central Arkansas is a privilege.

Ben Bailey

Ben BaileyAs a longtime resident of Little Rock, I can find no better cause for the benefit of the city’s growth and surrounding suburban areas than to help give and grow enrollment for our flagship university – UA Little Rock.
UA Little Rock serves the diverse makeup of our city, educating and forming future leaders of Little Rock and central Arkansas.

Courtney Little

Courtney Little UA Little Rock is a great resource for central Arkansas, providing top-notch education for local adults, and excellent resources and graduates for the local and statewide business community.

R.J. Martino

R. J. Martino I am honored to support UA Little Rock as part of the Centennial Campaign. UA Little Rock is a vital part of the capital city, and when UA Little Rock succeeds, our entire community benefits.

Don Riggin

Don Riggin My desire is to have a successful campaign to adequately fund premier facilities, and with a great faculty and professional staff to provide quality education to the next generation of leaders. As a graduate, I know how much difference it made in my career and I want to be a part of paying it forward.

Cheryl Shuffield

Cheryl Shuffield It is an honor for me to support UA Little Rock. UA Little provides opportunity for so many to a lifetime of success. By giving to this campaign, I am helping ensure this university continues to serve the central Arkansas community for years to come.

Bill Sowell

Bill Sowell The value and importance of having a local university is vital to support the needs of local businesses and to provide viable job opportunities to strengthen our community. As a business owner, knowing we have a great university in UA Little Rock to partner with us in providing quality applicants to fill vital roles is an enormous benefit to us. I’m excited to work with the university to support the campaign efforts to help our young people down a path of success!

Michael A. Williams, Sr.

Mike Williams, Sr. UA Little Rock is a hidden gem in the heart of the capital city, and I am happy to help spread the word about how important it is to the community it serves.

Thomas Dickinson

Thomas Dickinson UA Little Rock’s degrees and level of excellence should be a top priority and a consistent regional pipeline to the Central Arkansas business community.

Bob Denman

Bob Denman I received a great education at UA Little Rock as did my younger brother, Stan. We have both worked in our chosen fields our entire career. After we both graduated, my Mom earned her degree and became an elementary teacher. I owe a debt of gratitude to UA Little Rock on behalf of my entire family.

James Bobo

James Bobo As a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, I have directly benefited from a UA Little Rock education. My goal in supporting the campaign is to help ensure that others in our state have the opportunity to achieve an education that makes our state and our community a better place.