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From launching an innovative cybersecurity degree to preparing nursing students to work in Arkansas’s best hospitals, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a leader in equipping and graduating students who are ready to work and make a difference in the state. UA Little Rock is committed to partnering with the community to provide students with career opportunities that will make a lasting impact on our city and state.

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Elizabeth Small

Expect More: Elizabeth Small

“I think students need to realize that they’re going to expect more out of themselves when they get here. They’re going to be challenged more. They should expect a great experience, and they should expect to walk away with an excellent education.”

Elizabeth Small is a dedicated instructor who genuinely cares about her students’ success and personal growth. By striving to understand their passions, she recognizes the importance of connecting with her students on an individual level. This allows her to tailor her guidance and support according to their unique interests and aspirations.

Joanna Hall

Expect More: Joanna Hall

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Joanna Hall, director of simulation at the School of Nursing, knows how important it is to relate to students and meet their needs. Students have the benefit of learning from faculty who have graduated from this same program.

Dr. Phillip Huff

Expect More: Dr. Philip Huff

“When students leave UA Little Rock, they’re not just getting a 4-year degree. They’re getting the opportunity to participate in a very challenging problem in society and make valuable contributions.”

Dr. Phillip Huff highlights the efforts of UA Little Rock in providing students with valuable research opportunities and learning experiences in the field of cybersecurity. By offering these opportunities, the university aims to prepare students for successful careers in this rapidly evolving and critical field.

Lynne Larsen

Expect More: Lynne Larsen

Art history professor Lynne Larsen shares how exciting it is to see the world open up for her students. “The experience is what is important. That’s the real educator. Students can expect more attention at UA Little Rock.”

Art history professor Lynne Larsen shares how exciting it is to see the world open up for her students. She knows the value of providing individual attention to students and guiding them as they move through their art and design classes.

Dr. Leslie Sharp

Expect More: Dr. Leslie Sharp

“We’re producing teachers that not only have the quality content to teach their students very well, we’re also giving the dispositions that they need to have a caring, conducive classroom for teaching and learning.”

Dr. Leslie Sharp recognizes teaching as an immensely rewarding profession and emphasizes the importance of creating quality teachers at UA Little Rock. By providing aspiring teachers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support, the university aims to ensure that they are prepared to meet the challenges and responsibilities of the profession.

Dr. Srikanth Pidugu

Expect More: Dr. Srikanth Pidugu

“If I can remove one hurdle, ensure one student to graduate, I am making a difference, I know that. So that’s what actually drives me.”

Dr. Srikanth Pidugu’s goal of making a difference by ensuring students graduate shows his commitment to student success. As an instructor in the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology, he recognizes the importance of providing students with a supportive and engaging learning environment.

Cheryl Shuffield

Expect More: Cheryl Shuffield

“I was a young mother at the time, and there was some balancing to do, and I found that easy to do because UA Little Rock offered night classes, and so I could take a combination of daytime classes and nighttime classes, just whatever best worked for my schedule.

Cheryl Shuffield credits UA Little Rock for preparing her to be successful in the accounting field. As an alumna, her appreciation for the education she received speaks to the institution’s success in equipping students with the necessary skills needed to excel in their chosen fields.

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