Our Focus

At Children International- Little Rock, we invest in the lives of children, helping them get the education, life skills, and confidence they need to break free from poverty. Our programs focus on four key outcomes- health, education, empowerment, and employment, as a pathway out of poverty.

For health, we focus on helping children to develop healthy habits and connecting children with the dental services they need. Learn more about our Future Smiles Dental Clinic here.

Our education programs help fill in the gaps and help children learn through tutoring, homework help, and providing alternative spaces for learning throughout the school year. In Little Rock, we focus on improving Math & Literacy and providing educational support to prevent the summer slide that so many children face when school is out.

Through Empowerment programs, we are able to strengthen leadership and life skills, encourage teamwork, and increase social responsibility. Our programs build confidence in youth that not only makes a brighter future possible but creates a positive ripple effect on kids’ communities.

We focus on employability because we understand that to have any hope of escaping poverty, income from stable work is essential. Youth need to obtain skills that employers require while being involved in programs that focus on education and empowerment! This combination puts our youth on the right path, but there’s still work to do. We help CI youth and young adults develop workplace skills to help them be successful at their jobs and change their lives for good.

All of our programs are available to CI Members only. For more information on our current programming, please visit CI Little Rock Programs