Rehabilitation for the Blind

Orientation and Mobility

Welcome to the website of the Rehabilitation of the Blind Master of Arts degree and the Graduate Certificate in Orientation and Mobility at The University of Arkansas at Little Rock! The Masters and Graduate Certificate programs teach a reliable system for establishing and maintaining awareness of one’s position in the environment (orientation) and fostering freedom and spontaneity of movement (mobility). These programs educate future specialists on how to teach blind and low-vision persons to overcome the severe problems of mobility by teaching them to travel safely, efficiently, and confidently.

Why Choose a Career in Rehabilitation for the Blind and Orientation and Mobility?

If you like to work one-on-one with individuals, if you are a self-starter and persevere in all that you do, if you are logical in your thinking, if you are able to go where the jobs are located, then a rehabilitation career in Orientation and Mobility might just be the career option for you! Rehab O&M Specialists are not typical teachers. They are part teacher, counselor, therapist and coach. They like to work outdoors as well as indoors and various weather conditions do not bother them. They are in good physical health and they can access transportation to take their clients to various travel environments for training purposes.

A Word About Our Curriculum

Sequential instruction in sensory and movement skills is based on a thorough evaluation of needs and abilities related to the functional use of the existing senses and requirements of a prosthetic travel aid. Instruction is provided in the use of adaptive equipment such as long canes, telescopes, and electronic travel and orientation aids. Specialists also teach consumers with dog guides relevant orientation skills to use with their dog guides.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

Masters Degree
Graduate Certificate

For more information, please contact:

Dr. John McAllister
Program Coordinator