Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in our orientation and mobility program!!

We are now a web-enhanced program. You can take most of the courses online. However, you would need to plan on coming to Little Rock for two consecutive summers for four weeks each summer to take the two blindfold simulation classes and student teaching.

We offer the classes at our school for the blind mid-June to mid-July, where you would receive free room and board. Those who seek a Master’s degree or just ACVREP certification in O&M (through our new online Graduate Certificate program) may be able to do so over two years of 1-2 online courses/semester and two consecutive summers attending three-week sessions here in Little Rock. Continuing students who complete the three-week sessions and ensuing 275-hour direct-teaching (350 total hours) internship and who have at least a bachelors degree and vision-related courses to O&M along with the O&M courses, would be eligible to apply for national certification in O&M and the national O&M examination.

In the summers students will receive free room and board either at the Arkansas School for the Blind or at World Services for the Blind in exchange for accepting responsibilities as recreational aides during the session. We recommend that students make personal arrangements for transportation to and from Little Rock, daily living expenses (including the last week’s meals), and for tuition.

We offer RSA scholarships to a limited number of students who have successfully completed at least 6 semester hours from us and who have completed the necessary application process; there are certain contingencies associated with the scholarship and you are directed to the Financial Aid section of our website for further details.

In order to complete the program in the suggested time frame, expect to enroll in 6 hours of courses each semester. Presently we do not require entrance examinations of any kind, but do expect applicants to be eligible for admission to the Graduate School. To guarantee full consideration for admission, please have all application materials sent as soon as possible.

If you are interested, your first steps are to enroll in our program:

1. Visit this website to complete online the Graduate School application form and view the graduate catalog: Indicate on the GS application form that you are either Masters or Graduate Certificate degree-seeking in Rehab: O&M;

2. Have your universities mail the transcripts directly from them to UALR’s Graduate School. Submit directly to Dr. Jacobson a personally hand-written essay of no more than 500 words describing your background and experiences and reasons for choosing a career in orientation and mobility. There is no specific form or format that is required. Be sure that the applicant’s name, address, telephone, email, major, and semester to begin the program are included in the essay.

3. Let Dr. McAllister know when you’ve applied. That’s it! E-mail Dr. McAllister if you have further questions!

Equipment Requirements:
PC Windows-Based Computer with a Pentium 400 MHz or greater with 64 MB of RAM (128MB of RAM if using Microsoft Office XP) with multimedia capabilities including speakers and sound card, and a DSL, Cable, or T1 Internet connection. Accessing course materials with a 56k modem and dial-up Internet service may be possible in some geographic areas, but a faster connection is strongly recommended. Click here to determine if your computer’s video player is compatible with our streaming videos (this will take you off this page).

Technology and Information Resources:

  • Most courses will utilize the first class session explaining the technology features that will be needed to participate in the course (i.e., e-mail, sending attachments, how to engage in chat rooms and threaded discussions etc.).
  • A demo for a sample Master of Arts online course is available to enable students to practice navigating through the online system.
  • The UALR Ottenheimer library provides assistance to all UALR students for accessing library resources.1. For general library resources refer to the Ottenheimer library web-site.