Dean’s Science Council

Dean’s Science Council Duties and Responsibilities

The purpose of the Dean’s Science Council of the Donaghey College of STEM is to support the foundation of STEM education at UA Little Rock. To further this purpose, the Council raises scholarship funds for students majoring in core science and math areas primarily through the support of the James A. Fribourg Award, and support of the James & Carol Hendren “Last Mile Fund.” The Council also seeks to assist the University in attracting students primarily through the support of Science Olympiad. The Council seeks to assist the University in identifying internships, mentorships and relevant part time employment for students. The Council serves as a college advocate in the community stressing that the core science & math courses are the very foundation of STEM education.

Specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Support the mission and vision of Donaghey College of STEM.
  • Advocate on behalf of the Science Departments and communicate the good news and works of students and faculty achievements.
  • Enhance the public understanding of changes and challenges related to higher education and clearly articulate how the mission, accomplishments and goals of the science programs at UA Little Rock relate to the rapidly changing economy in Arkansas. This will include seeking opportunities for private presentations and presentations to community groups.
  • Garner private and public support for the science programs at UA Little Rock including internship opportunities and financial support.
  • Contribute $1,000 annually to the Dean’s Science Council Fund. Contributions can be made through the member’s business affiliation or as a personal gift.
  • Commit to serving 3 years on the Dean’s Science Council with an optional 3-year renewal.
  • Recommend new council members.
  • The Dean’s Science Council will meet (4) times annually and members commit to attend or call in a minimum of 75% of the meetings each year. There will be ad-hoc committee meetings as well and the goal is to make all meetings as efficient and convenient as possible for participants.

Initial Programs the Council will support:

  • Faculty and Undergraduate Research Funding
  • The Fribourgh Award Scholarship Fundraiser
  • The Science Olympiad Program

Current Members