Donaghey Student Center Conference Services

The Donaghey Student Center offers meeting and event facilities to fit most needs for conferences, meetings, banquets, and special events. The Donaghey Student Center also has sports/recreation and aquatic facilities available for reserved use, although such use is limited to particular types of events. All facility use and reservations of Donaghey Student Center facilities are governed by the Donaghey Student Center operating policies and procedures.

Billing Information for UA Little Rock Clients

Registered student organizations or UA Little Rock departments must have a UA Little Rock account in good standing. Full payment due prior to the scheduled event. Payment may be made via check, credit card, or department account (FOAPAL) for backcharge.

Late Cancellation Notice

For effective communications, customers are requested to make any notification of cancellation in writing to Conference Services by email at Such notice will be considered late if not received at the Donaghey Student Center at least ten (10) business days before the date of the event.

Late Cancellation Charge

10% of published rates for rental, plus any additional non-recoverable costs incurred by UA Little Rock for the event.

No-show Charge

50% of published rates for rental or plus any additional non-recoverable cost incurred by UA Little Rock for the event.

Set-up Changes and Charges

Changes in set-ups for facility use may be made at no additional cost up to seven (7) business days before the event. For effective communications, customers are requested to make changes in writing to Conference Services by emailing

Late notification of changes in set-ups will result in a charge of actual labor incurred in making the changes.

Dining Services

Any food and/or beverage served at UA Little Rock must be arranged with the UA Little Rock Dining Services. Guests are not permitted to bring in food or beverages to be served or sold at meetings, events, or activities scheduled in the Donaghey Student Center or anywhere on campus without prior written permission from Dining Services.

If an exception is afforded, the written permission is required at the time of the facility reservation and event date(s) to help confirm that such approval has been provided.

There will be a charge determined by Donaghey Student Center management rendered to the organization if food or beverages are served or sold on the UA Little Rock main campus without the approval of Dining Services.

Donaghey Student Center china and silverware must remain in the designated dining areas unless approved for removal by the UA Little Rock Dining Services.

Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures govern the reservation and use of all facilities in the Donaghey Student Center including meeting rooms, solicitation tables/booths, display cases, open/public areas, and dining areas. Policies and procedures of the Donaghey Student Center may be modified without notice. The Donaghey Student Center management reserves the right to provide exceptions for unique cases. Contact the Donaghey Student Center administrative office for further detailed policies and procedures.

Scheduling of events and activities is done on a first-come, first-served basis according to the established scheduling priorities.

Once reservations are confirmed with a client, they shall be honored by the Donaghey Student Center unless the facility is needed by UA Little Rock for extenuating circumstances.

With the exception of applicable Leisure Science classes, as per arrangement with the management, academic classes, lectures, laboratories, tests, or any type of class for credit or non-credit may not be scheduled in the Donaghey Student Center.

When advertising an event scheduled in the Donaghey Student Center, the client must reflect accurate event starting and ending times as arranged with and confirmed by the Donaghey Student Center.

Reserving Donaghey Student Center Facilities

Reservations for any room or space in the Donaghey Student Center, Student Services Center Auditorium and mall area may be made through Astra at

Timing for Reservations

Any form of organized meeting, gathering, solicitation, or event held in the Donaghey Student Center must be scheduled at Conference Services at least five (5) full business days before the day of the event. Reservations may be made through Astra at In the case of a major event, a minimum advance notice of four (4) weeks is requested. A major event is defined as an event that involves any one of the following criteria:

  1. Involves more than eight (8) hours of rental time.
  2. Attendance of more than 400 people.
  3. Requires over ten (10) labor hours for preparation and supervision.

Authorized Agent Requesting Reservations

All reservations for a facility must be made by an official representative of the organization that will be utilizing the facility. In the case of a registered student organization, reservations must be submitted through our scheduling website at for approval.

No organization may schedule a facility for use by another organization unless the event is a joined effort of both organizations. Proof of such a partnership must be available upon request before a reservation is guaranteed.

Any reservation for use of any Donaghey Student Center facility for individual use is prohibited. Donaghey Student Center facilities may be reserved by students, faculty, or staff persons for use by a UA Little Rock department or registered student organization. Non-UA Little Rock groups may also use the facilities subject to applicable policies and procedures.

Equipment and Set-up Requests

All requests for use of tables, chairs, audio-visual equipment, staging, public address system, etc., and desired room set-up, may be made at Conference Services Suite 201 or at at time of the reservation or no later than seven (7) full days before the event.

Any changes to the existing set-up must be communicated to the management seven (7) full days in advance. Requests past this deadline may not be guaranteed and may result in administrative and housekeeping charges if honored.

General Use Policies

Management reserves the right to allocate an appropriate room or space to match the nature of the event or activity.

Facilities will be available to a client for the times reserved and reflected on the DSC calendar of events or the event confirmation.

If a reservation is granted, the university reserves the right to rescind its action if it should be determined, subsequent to the approval of the request, that the facilities involved are needed by UA Little Rock due to extenuating circumstances. All attempts will be made on the part of the Donaghey Student Center to prevent such a situation The Donaghey Student Center will attempt to offer alternate solutions.


Clients must notify the Donaghey Student Center Conference Services of a cancellation at least seven (7) full business days (Monday-Friday) in advance of the day of the scheduled event to avoid the cancellation penalties.

Steps to Reserving a Facility for Registered Student Organizations

  1. Go to to log into Astra.
  2. Click on “Request an Event”.
  3. Select “DSC”.
  4. Complete the form with as much details as you can.
  5. Click “Save”.
  6. You will receive a response that confirms proper submission of request and an email confirming the request was received and is under review.
  7. Registered student organizations will need to submit on-campus event form to the Student Experience Center for approval.
  8. Event request form will not be approved by Conference Services until the approved on-campus event form has been received by the conference services coordinator.
  9. Once the event is approved, an email confirmation is sent to the person who submitted the request.

Fees and Charges

  1. For normal wear and use there are no charges for clean-up by the Donaghey Student Center staff. For program activities or events in which there is abuse or misuse of the Donaghey Student Center or if excessive clean-up is required, the sponsoring organization will be assessed a charge at the published labor or service rate to restore the facility or equipment to its prior condition. The organization and/or its officers shall be held financially responsible for any damage to the building or equipment resulting from maliciousness and/or negligence on the part of any officer of the organization or participant.
  2. In the event that a client fails to pay the full invoiced amount or a facility use or other related charges within the designated time, no further reservations for Donaghey Student Center facility use by such organizations will be accepted.
  3. Registered student organizations and departments may use the Donaghey Student Center facilities for all university-related events during normal operating hours at no charge. There will be additional fees for after-hours use.
  4. All rates are inclusive of audio-visual equipment, tables, chairs, and staging subject to availability.
  5. Minimum of three (3) hours required for facility use outside of normal operating hours.
  6. All reservations may be assessed additional costs, when applicable, based on facility use rates, labor needs for supervision, housekeeping needs (especially for special set-ups), damage charges, late cancellations, or no-shows.
  7. Facility use time is inclusive of set-up and take-down time.
  8. During normal operating hours, there will be no set-up charges for basic set-ups, i.e., set-ups requiring up to one (1) labor hour. Specialized set-ups will incur housekeeping costs. Any changes to the set-up made later than seven (7) class days prior to the event may result in additional labor charges.

For pricing of facilities and solicitation tables at the Donaghey Student Center, please call 501-569-3324.