Addressing Classroom Disruptions

Steps Toward Addressing Classroom Disruptions
The UA Little Rock Student Handbook, and the UA Little Rock Faculty Handbook, outline the academic procedure created by faculty and passed through the UA Little Rock Faculty Senate for dealing with classroom disruptions. The policy is summarized as follows:

  • A student who persists in being disruptive should be ejected from the class from the remainder of the period.
  • After the second ejection the student should be notified in writing that he or she is in violation of the classroom disruption policy and may face administrative withdrawal from the class.
  • The faculty member should meet with the student to see if an agreement can be reached for the student to stay in the class.
  • If no agreement is reached, the faculty member should notify the dean of students or a designee of the situation and tell the student to meet with the department chair if he or she chooses to appeal the decision.
  • After the two meetings have been carried out with no resolution, the dean of students or a designee will meet with the student to discuss the withdrawal of the student from the class and any additional disciplinary sanctions.
  • Not all classroom disruptions will warrant additional judicial consideration.
  • No student is exempt from the classroom disruption policy. Students who disrupt the classroom should be handled according to the standards of the faculty member and the procedures of the university.

The incident report can be found here.