Handling Disruptions

Suggestions on Handling Classroom Disruptions

  • Faculty members are responsible for management of the classroom environment.
  • Classroom disruptions should be seen as a disciplinary issue as defined by UA Little Rock’s Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Behaviors.
  • Both students and faculty members have some measure of academic freedom. Students should be allowed to ask questions but not in such a manner as to insult the faculty member or other students.
  • Students may not see some behaviors as rude, uncivil or disruptive. It is up to the faculty member, however, to clarify expectations and to make students aware that disruptive behaviors are never acceptable.
  • No student is exempt from the classroom disruption policy. If any student is disrupting the classroom, the situation should be handled according to the standards of the faculty members and the procedures of the university.

We encourage faculty members to report these behaviors when appropriate. To report disruptive behavior(s), please complete the incident report form here.