Information Technology Rights

Personal Identification

Users of IT systems must show identification including university affiliation upon request by a system administrator, NSO, or university authority.

Access to Data

Users must allow systems administration personnel access to data files on IT systems for the purpose of making backups, diagnosing systems problems and investigating policy and/or campus network security violations.

Oversight Authority

UA Little Rock NSO is authorized to investigate alleged or apparent violations of UA Little Rock IT policy or applicable law involving IT systems and/or network using whatever means appropriate. The NSO will maintain a log and incident reporting of all such incidents. Any emergency action will be logged and security incident appropriateness reviewed after the fact.

Enforcement Procedures

The university may restrict the use of its IT and network systems when faced with evidence of violation of university policies, federal or local laws. The university reserves the right to limit access to its networks and IT systems. The university may limit access to material posted on university owned IT systems that is deemed inappropriate or not in keeping with the educational, research and community service missions of this university. Systems administrators are authorized by the university network security policy to apply certain penalties to enforce applicable policies. Such penalties include temporary or elimination of access privileges, which may apply to networks and other IT services or facilities.

If, in the opinion of the systems administrator, the violation warrants action beyond a system administrator’s authority, he or she may refer the case to other authorities, such as the NSO, the university disciplinary body appropriate to the violator’s status, or to an employee’s supervisor.

The entire copy of the UA Little Rock Campus Network: Security Policies & Procedures for Acceptable Use is available in the Office of the Dean of Students, Information Technology Services, and at website.

Please contact the associate director for networks and technical support in Information Technology Services or the Office of the Dean of Students for questions and comments about this policy.