Use of IT Systems

Proper Authorization

Use of UA Little Rock IT systems is restricted to authorized UA Little Rock faculty, staff, alumni and students. The administrator of a campus system, server, and/or campus network component is the responsible authority, which grants authorization for system use and access.

Appropriate/Acceptable Use

UA Little Rock IT systems and network may be used only for their intended authorized purposes. For example, privately owned computers may not host sites for non-UA Little Rock organizations across the IT managed UA Little Rock network without specific authorization.

Commercial Use

Without specific UA Little Rock administration authorization, activities using IT systems and network for non-UA Little Rock commercial purposes are prohibited. This is not meant to restrict normal communications and exchange of electronic data, consistent with the university’s education and research roles that may have an incidental financial or other benefit for an external organization. For example, it is not appropriate to discuss products or services with companies doing business with UA Little Rock or to contribute to Facfocus discussing issues relating to commercial products.

Vendor Contracts

All use of UA Little Rock IT systems and network must be consistent with all contractual obligations of the university, including limitations defined in software and other licensing agreements.

Free Inquiry and Expression

UA Little Rock IT users are afforded free inquiry and expression consonant with the purposes of the university.

Reasonable Confidentiality

UA Little Rock IT users can expect reasonable confidentiality for particular data. Systems administrators will identify categories of data, which will be managed as confidential on a particular IT system and they will make all reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of that data. However, limited risks do apply to confidentiality, for example to technical limitations, software bugs, and system failures. Systems administrators will take reasonable steps to inform IT users of the limits to confidentiality for their respective IT systems. IT users are expected to become familiar with those limits and risks of confidentiality and to manage their confidential data accordingly. Confidentiality of data must comply with the State of Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.