Charge and Authority of the CRES

The Committee on Racial Equity for Students (formerly the Racial Barriers Committee) was formed in 2020 in an effort to identify all racial barriers, injustices, segregation, or disparities at UA Little Rock. We advocate for racial equity and help eliminate discrimination and stereotypes.


The Committee on Racial Equity for Students will review campus policies, processes, and practices for elements that may serve as unintended barriers to access and opportunity for people of color at UA Little Rock. Once identified, the Committee will report their findings to the Chancellor and may subsequently collaborate with the appropriate party to reconcile any barrier issues.

The Committee may also recommend new policies and procedures intended to promote equity and fairness. The Committee on Racial Equity for Students will collaborate with the Diversity Council Policy Committee and the Policy Management Board to ensure there is no duplication of effort.

This Committee will also serve as a clearinghouse for student concerns, complaints, and suggestions concerning race and ethnicity issues. The Committee will either act on the issue itself if it involves a policy or procedure, or will refer the concern to the appropriate party for reconciliation.


The Committee on Racial Equity for Students reports to the Chancellor. It is authorized to review the race and ethnicity-related concerns on campus and make recommendations to campus units regarding potential racial barriers. The Committee’s work will be student-focused and policy-oriented. It will not review employee personnel actions or complaints. These should be referred to Human Resources or the Faculty Appeals Council as appropriate.