Diversity Council

UA Little Rock will improve diversity, inclusion, equality, and global understanding in the campus community.

– Goal 5 from the 2017 UA Little Rock Strategic Plan

The university understands the importance of leading by example in the quest for racial and ethnic justice for everyone. We are committed to creating a diverse community within our campus as well as the greater community. The Diversity Council was created to lead this endeavor.

The mission of the Diversity Council is to improve diversity, inclusion, equality, and global understanding within the campus community by promoting dialogue, providing information, and fostering respect for all students, faculty, and staff.  The Charter was revised in 2021.

The Diversity Council commissioned the 2021 Campus Climate Survey of Faculty, Staff, and Students at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock through the Survey Research Center for the purpose of learning about campus community attitudes and experiences regarding diversity, discrimination, barriers and the overall campus climate at UA Little Rock.

2021 Campus Climate Survey – Diversity Council.

UALR Final Cultural Assessment Report_Summer 2023