Meet Our Team

Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor


Leslie Hutchins                 Jen Crosland          

Associate Vice Chancellor        Contact/Buyer Manager          

Facilities Management                 Facilities Management

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Operations & Services


Sandra Vail                       Michael Seamon

Director Operations                 Assistant Director Operations
& Services

Facilities Management                Facilities Management

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EHS & Chemical Hygiene

Shawn Bayouth, Ph.D.   

Director of EHS                        Safety Systems Supervisor

Facilities Management                Facilities Management

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Energy Management


Michael Turner                 Robin D. Sipes                 Geoffery L. Owens

Director of Energy                    Assistant Director Energy       Electrical Supervisor

Facilities Management                 Facilities Management                Facilities Management

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Custodial and Grounds Services


Greg Tatera                       Temeaker Smith               Kenneth Golatt

Director Custodial                    Custodial Supervisor                Custodial Supervisor

Facilities Management                Facilities Management                 Facilities Management

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Steven C. Eubanks

Ground Supervisor

Facilities Management